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Online Burger Cooking / Fast Food Game - Papas Burgeria

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Papas Burgeria is a fast-food burger shop game for all the family where you have to serve customers their burgers on time in order to keep them happy and earn customer points - which will then improve your restaurant rankings. This funny role playing game will have you on your toes - serving burgers in a very busy restaurant to a group of downright demanding customers. This lighthearted adventure makes for addicting entertainment that take your burger cooking and building skills to the edge! You’re now on your way to burger brilliance!

OK, so your goal is to make the customers happy – and keep them happy. This is how you succeed in this job. Once they are happy – you earn points – your restaurant rankings go up – and this attracts more customers. It’s all about the burgers! They have to be made just right and served on time! Things start to heat up as more and more customers arrive and you have to cope with doing a more complex variety of tasks – and doing them all at the same time. You need to be quick on your toes!

With the tips you collect, you can buy things in the upgrade shop (between levels) that will boost the quality of your restaurant – and keep things running smoothly. Unlike in other RPG games, you really have to do everything yourself – everything from squeezing the ketchup to arranging the lettuce. It’s a genuine “hands on” job. You score points based on the quality of your burger.

The higher the score – the happier the customer and happy customers leave bigger tips. If the customer is happy with the service, points are added to their star gauge. If the star gauges fill up completely, you earn star badges. Customers with enough badges can go on to become Gold Star customers – the biggest tippers of all! OK, ready for some food-filled fun and lots of sauce? Get cooking and Enjoy!

How To Play: Follow the in-game tutorial as you play the game until you get the hang of things. Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag items (tickets and food etc.) around the game screen and hover over items (to see information). Quick Guide: Take the burger instructions from your customer - go to the grill - Click & Drag burgers to the grill - Mouse over them to see if cooked - Click on them to flip them over. When cooked - Click &Drag them to the side. Go to the Build Station - Click & Drag bun, burger, and toppings onto the station in the exact same order as on the order sheet. When you put the final bun on the top - the burger goes to a tray. Click & Drag the ticket down onto the tray and the burger goes to the customer for grading.

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