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Castle Archer Defense Game - Knights Invasion

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Knights Invasion is a challenging aiming and accuracy-based shooting and tower defense strategy game for older kids where you play the role of a highly-skilled archer and sentry who must guard the medieval castle that protects your kingdom from waves of invading knights. You must eliminate the charging hordes of armored knights before they reach your castle walls. The kingdom's survival rests in your skillful hands!

Reasons to play this action-packed medieval battle game: Exercise your coordination and defense strategy skills as you attempt to tactfully and carefully fire arrows at the invading army of knights. If you like high-octane, non-stop defensive action, you're in for a treat!

Strategy to win: A cool head, good battle readiness, and a high-level of mouse clicking skill are all essential attributes required here if you want to be a defense hero. Picking off the most dangerous enemy first at any moment is vitally important, so our decision making and priority selection skills are paramount. Discipline and endless determination come natural to a top defender!

How to Play: A Flash-based, tower defense game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads after any possible advertisements have been cleared, click on the green ‘Play’ icon at the bottom of the game screen, and then wait until the Main ‘Knights Invasion’ Menu screen appears. Here, click on the grey-colored arrow button in the bottom left corner to begin the action.

In each Level / Mission, your goal is to ensure your castle's survival by eliminating all of the enemy knights that approach from the right hand side of the game screen. Aim using your computer mouse / touchpad cursor, and Left Click to fire your arrows. At the beginning of the game, you fire simple wooden arrows, but you can purchase more powerful arrows as you progress.

If an invading knight reaches your castle walls, he begins to hack away at its defenses. Each of the three main castle walls has an individual Health Bar. If all three of these Health Bars fall empty, you fail the Mission.

You can use gold earned from good performance to purchase upgrades, defensive reinforcements, and special powerful attacks (Available icons at the bottom of the game screen). Simply click and drag a special attack to the main battle area, and release the click to pound the invading knights.

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