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Virtual Pet Care & Dress Up Game - Petz Fashion

Rating: 8.2/10 - 14180 votes

Petz Fashion is a fun dress-up simulation game where you prepare cute household pets (two cats and two dogs) for a fashion show by washing and dressing them, and guiding them down the catwalk at the pet fashion show! Get ready for hours of entertainment as you turn these adorable little animals into Fashion Stars. Style is the key in this online role-playing game where your goal is to make sure that the cat or dog you care for gets a high score at the show.

You work at Marta’s Pet Salon and have a whole bunch of famous customers who want their pets looking at their fashionable best. You must make sure the little fur-balls are nice and clean before picking out a cool and stylish outfit for them to wear. Then you must lead your pets (one at a time) down the catwalk and make sure they get noticed by the judges!

Strike super-cute poses with the pets to make sure they attract good attention and score high. If the pets do well in the show, the owner is happy and you get to continue working with these friendly little guys. Think you’ve got the pet fashion knowledge to succeed? Well then, grab your comb and let’s go!

How to Play: There are three stages to this game – Cleaning, Dressing and Catwalk. Use both your computer mouse and your computer keyboard at various stages in the game. On the menu, you can choose which pet you want to work with at a time; There is a choice of two cats and two dogs.

Cleaning: A famous customer has given you the role of getting their beloved pet ready for a fashion show, so you’d better make sure you do it correctly. At the bottom of the game screen there are wash, dry and groom icons. First, you must wash the little guy. Left click with your computer mouse on the washer icon. Hold down the left click and drag the water all over the pet. Make sure to cover the pet with the water so they get a thorough wash. Once you see them sparkle, you can move on to drying. Use the same click and drag motion and once the pet is dry you see the sparkle again. Next, they need grooming - so click the comb icon and repeat the motion all over the pet to make sure they’re well groomed. You’ve only got three minutes to complete the cleaning stage, so you’d better get moving!

Dressing: Now it’s time for the wardrobe! You must choose a hat, collar, t-shirt and shoes for the pet. Left click and drag an item of clothing from the wardrobe onto the pet. Be sure and pick out matching items, because the judges will be scoring on style as well as cleanliness.

Catwalk: Now it’s time for the pet to strut their stuff on the catwalk! Use your Left and Right Arrow keys on your computer keyboard to walk the pet up and down the catwalk. You need to get the pet in as many photos as possible to impress the judges, so when you see the paparazzi about to snap a photo, make the pet strike a pose! Do this by moving the pet into the photo area and hitting Spacebar. The pet strikes an adorable pose and the judges are impressed. After a minute of catwalk action, the judges give their scores – if you’ve done everything well, your pet should get 10 out of 10!

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