Free dress up/ makeover games online for girls and boys to play now with no download: Model makeover game, Prepare for Party Makeover is a fun, interactive fashion makeover activity for young girls, teens. Online dress up games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, fun salon simulation/ makeup games..
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Free Model Makeover Game Online - Prepare for Party Makeover

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For a lot of fashion-loving girls, there is nothing more fun and exciting than getting ready for a glamorous party! Whether it’s the Prom, graduation day, a birthday party, a dinner party, or a simple girlie get-together, nothing beats the enjoyment of picking out fab clothes, getting pampered in the salon, and choosing the most stunning make-up and accessories! Prepare for Party Makeover is an interactive online makeover / dressing up game where you have to prepare a cute model for a great night of glamorous celebrations! Choose from a whole host of gorgeous gowns, pretty party-wear, expert skincare treatments, and the finest make-up, jewelry and accessories.

This easy-to-play, virtual mouse-clicking game should be a good fit for any young girl or boy who likes to create stunning party outfits, as well as any talented, want-to-be fashion gurus out there. You can go for elegant ball-gown style, or a more chic, out-going motif – it’s entirely up to you – the best fashion designer! Don’t forget to apply the highest quality skincare products to make sure your radiant party-going model is the topic of conversation wherever she goes! Time to give a complete makeover masterclass! We can’t wait to see what you can do.

How to Play: The controls are simply point-and-click, and there are three different stages that your model has to go through before she’s ready to go to the party – Skincare, Make-up & Accessories, and Wardrobe.

Skincare: In the first stage, you have to apply various skincare treatments to your model’s face. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, simply Left Click on the creams and treatments along the right of the game screen, and then click on your model’s face to apply them. Once her face is covered, click on the shower head icon in the bottom right corner to wash off the creams. You also have to remove blemishes from her face using the zit-remover. Once you are happy with her skin, click on the Pink Arrow in the top left corner to progress to the next stage.

Make-up & Accessories: Here, you can click on the various different make-up icons on the dressing table to apply them to your model. Choose from blusher, mascara, foundation, lipstick, and concealer. There are also a range of different earrings and necklaces – toggle through the different styles by clicking on their respective icons. You can also change the hair style/color of your model by clicking on the mannequin wig on the left of the game screen, then adjusting the different status bars that appear. Click again on the Pink Arrow in the top left corner to move onto the Wardrobe stage.

Wardrobe: Click on any one of the icons on the left hand side of the game screen, and every item in each category is revealed (for some categories, you have to click the gold arrow that appears to toggle through the full catalog of choices). There are dresses, tops, trousers/jeans, skirts, handbags, bracelets, and shoes. Left Click on an item, and it automatically goes onto your model’s body. Once you are happy with her chic new look, click on the Pink Arrow for the final time. Now you can give your eye-catching character a name, and save a picture of her onto your computer desktop. Create as many different styles as you like, and show them off to your envious friends and family. Happy makeover!

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