Police pursuit games online free to play with no download. The Heist 2, is an awesome police chase game for teen boys & girls. 3D driving games for PC, Mac, Ipad, bank robbery games, strategy games, flash action games, cool street car racing games for kids to play for free on the internet at home.

Police Pursuit Online Driving Game – The Heist 2

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The Heist 2 is a super-cool, high-speed police pursuit driving game and team management activity for children, teens and Big Kids where you get to plan a robbery (heist) and drive a getaway car to flee the crime scene and escape with all of the loot. At the beginning of each level, your team carries out a robbery in a convenience store, pawn shop, betting shop, mansion, museum, casino or other venue. They escape into the getaway car with the virtual cash.

Now, it’s up to you to drive like hell to outmaneuver the police chasing your heels, and escape unharmed. Your ultimate goal in this addicting game is to make 5 million credits in your credit count. To achieve this, you must have good strategic planning skills and know-how. Start off on small jobs, and gradually build your team, weapons and cars so you can eventually carry out the bigger more lucrative jobs.

For each successful burglary you pull off, you earn vital game credits, and new exciting missions are unlocked. Each new mission has potentially greater earnings, but also comes with new risks, so you need to hire additional team members with specialized talents, for example – planners, muscle men, con artists, safe crackers and hackers. If you don’t have enough credits to hire the gang you want, you can always build up your credits by going back and replaying earlier missions. Have fun!

How To Play: You start off with 18,000 credits in the bank. Click on “Missions” to reveal your first mission and the requirements needed to pull it off. You must then hire the required specialists before you can play by clicking on the “Manage” icon in the top right corner of the game screen and then click on “Hire”. A list of all of the available specialists is displayed, each has a different skill set, level of experience, level of health and weapons. Choose wisely and spend your credits carefully.

The more heists that a specialist works on, the more of an expert they become. When you have finished assembling your team, click “Manage” again and drag the gangsters you need for this mission into the getaway car. You can then click on the “Gun” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and drag and drop any of the available guns to a gang member to buy. Click on “Missions” again and now you’re ready to start so hurry up and click “Play”.

Use the Arrow or WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to drive. Press Spacebar or Left Click on your computer mouse to engage the Boost so you can drive at Top Speed. The “Space Bar” also utilizes any additional guns or features you have added to your car. You earn extra credits for each cop car you neutralize by slamming and shooting at it, but you might damage your car by unnecessarily by crashing into civilians, and barriers. For each level you pass, another more exciting and challenging mission is unveiled.

Tip: Between levels you can visit the upgrade shop to buy bigger cars and vans, upgrade your engine and armor, and buy additional boost, slammer, mines and turrets for your vehicle. Be careful, and don’t get killed in action.

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