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World Fruit Quiz Game for Kids - Know Your Fruit

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Do you know your strawberries from your blueberries? Your mangoes from your pineapples? It’s time to test your food knowledge! Know Your Fruit is a mouth-watering educational quiz game for younger kids where you have to answer multiple-choice questions based on a picture of a delicious piece of juicy fruit! The concept is pretty simple – you are shown a picture of some fruit – and you have to identify it, then choose the correct answer. This would be easy if it were just apples and oranges – but here, you have to identify all kinds of exotic fruits that you might never have seen before – such as Dragon Fruit, Papaya, Miracle Fruit, Soursop and more!

Earn points for every question you answer correctly on the first attempt – but you get deducted points for incorrect answers. You’ll need to be quick, as there is a timer counting down – and you only have a certain amount of time to answer the 8 questions. This fun quiz game is perfect for all the family, especially young kids who are looking to expand their vocabulary while learning about cool nutritious foods! Put your thinking cap on, it’s time to find out if you are a real Fruit Fanatic!

How to Play: Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click ‘Start’ on the main menu screen – and be ready – because the action starts straight away. You have 30 seconds to answer 8 multiple choice fruit picture questions. At the top of the game screen, there is a picture or a piece of fruit. Below that, are 4 possible answers. Click on what you think is the correct answer (There is a spelling error on the word “Which” in the game interface but ignore that as it makes no difference to your play). If you get it correct on your first guess, you earn 5000 points and progress to the next question. If you are incorrect, the answer that you chose disappears, and you are left with a choice of 3, then 2, and so on. Each time you choose an incorrect answer, you are deducted points from your total. The amount of points you score for a correct answer depends on how many incorrect answers you have already given for that question.

Try to answer all 8 questions before the ticking clock (in the bottom left corner) runs out in order to earn a time bonus. This is added to your score at the end of the game. Keep trying, and see if you can get onto the high-score table. Tip: If you speak Spanish, Dutch, or Chinese, you can change the language of the quiz on the main menu screen. Click on the language tab in the bottom left corner, then choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu. La fruta es buena para usted!..

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