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3D Stunt Flying Game Online - Vector Stunt

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Are you ready to do some pilot training for Mankind's future travels into space? Vector Stunt is an extremely fast and highly interactive 3D stunt-flying game and retro-style arcade adventure where you pilot a futuristic, virtual reality spacecraft along a landing strip-style track filled with ramps, jumps, and other features that allow you to perform spectacular stunts, flips and tricks. While that’s all very exciting, a further cool feature of Vector Stunt is that you get to load your own MP3 songs to play in the background while you fly! Each game lasts for the duration of your chosen song in a radical mash-up of your favorite music & super high-speed, adrenaline-pumping flying action!

If you don’t have a suitable MP3 file on your computer, there is a pre-loaded, default music track ready for you to bop along to while you try out outrageous stunts and maneuvers with your extraordinary flying contraption. Ultra-quick reactions, outstanding flying skills, and ambitious stunts are all key components in propelling you up the prestigious Vector Stunt Leaderboard. Are you ready to take flight on this whimsical musical adventure?

How to Play: Before you start the stunt-filled flying action, you have to choose the song that you want to speed along to. On the song selection screen, Left Click on the ‘Open MP3’ button with your computer mouse. This opens one of your Desktop folders, and from there you can navigate to where you keep your MP3 music files. Once you’ve found the song you’re looking for, double click on the file. The level automatically starts, with your chosen song playing (make sure to have your volume turned on). Note: if you don’t want to play one of your own songs, click on the ‘Aerodrone Song’ button to fly with a pre-loaded beat playing.

Your virtual aircraft of transparent shapes automatically flies forward down a long, landing strip-style tunnel pathway. Use the Left and Right Arrow keys on your computer keyboard to steer the aircraft (alternatively, you can use the WASD Keys). As you progress, ramps appear on the track. When you hit a ramp and fly into the air, tap on the Arrow Keys to perform cool flips and somersaults with the aircraft. You can also use the raised sides of the track to propel your aircraft into the air. See how long you last in "Pilot View" if is becomes available.

For each stunt you perform, you score points to your total indicated in the top right corner of the game screen. You also score points for collecting the ‘Notes’ that hang in the air (these are in the form of yellow, blue, and red colored squares). However, if the aircraft drifts over the sides of the track, you lose a whopping 10,000 points. The game ends when your background song is finished. You can replay by selecting another song (all previous song choices are stored on the Song Select screen). Can you beat a score of just over 90,000 points? Good luck trying!

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