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Hidden Objects / Pixcture Game - Golden Bird Of Paradise

Rating: 8.2/10 - 1302 votes

Golden Bird Of Paradise is a 3D hidden object game where you have to find a certain amount of objects within various different cluttered and chaotic scenes in order to score points. This is a very comprehensive puzzle game that’s highly challenging and enjoyable! You need to have the eyes of an eagle and the skills of a sleuth to find these secret items and solve the perplexing puzzles.

The game begins with you in desperate need of a vacation after the intense time that you had in the first Youda Legend adventure. You decide to take a trip to a tropical paradise but end up getting a lot more than you had bargained for! The jungle appears to be full of hiding secrets. There are rumblings of a legendary Golden Bird. The locals seem to know more but are reluctant to divulge any information.

Soon enough, your vacation turns into an epic quest to unravel the mystery of this mysterious Golden Bird - which possesses powers way beyond your imagination! This fantastic eye and brain-teasing game boasts 21 hidden object locations, 18 mini games, gorgeous tropical environments, lots of challenging puzzles and a beautiful 3D design format.

How to Play: First, select your preferred language. English (US) is the default language. Use your computer mouse to Left Click on the hidden items in the game screen. You can see your score at the top of the game screen. You can also see the magnifying glass at the top left of the game screen – use this to get a closer look at the items. The list of items you need to find is located on the left hand side of the game area. Your inventory (at the bottom of the screen) stores items that you will need later in your journey, such as maps, a crowbar to open the boxes, and more. To get a quick overview of all of the items in your inventory, click on the trunk in the bottom left corner. To use an item in the inventory, simply click on it with your mouse and drag it to the area where you want to use it.

You can use the “Hint System” to find well-hidden items – simply click on a Voodoo-type mask at the top left corner, and it will highlight a hidden item. The Hint System can be used only when it is available (about once a minute). Every time you find a hidden object, it is crossed off (with a straight line through it) on the list. Once you find all the hidden objects, it’s on to a new and even more demanding set of things to find and work out. Items located within the other items (for example boxes that need to be cracked) are marked with a different color in your to-find list. Good luck!

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