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Free Hidden Objects Game - Grandpa’s Old House

Rating: 8.2/10 - 2106 votes

After receiving a mysterious letter revealing your inheritance of a creaky old house in the middle of the woods – you set out to uncover the secrets of your ancestors’ past. Can you discover the truth about your family’s hidden treasure? Grandpa’s Old House is a fun and challenging hidden object-based puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to rummage around an abandoned, timeworn dwelling, finding clues and random items hidden among each cluttered room. By collecting the various objects as you progress, you can piece together the extraordinary truth behind your great-grandfather’s shadowy past.

This interactive, mouse-clicking brain teaser could be a good fit for some of you CSI / Sherlock Holmes detective types as you have to meticulously comb each room, searching for a list of hidden household objects. You need to exhibit good all-round investigative abilities, an inquisitive mind, and sharp observation skills – sometimes the item can be staring you in the face but is almost invisible among the randomly scattered junk in each room. Ok, its sleuthing time! Elementary, my dear Watson!

How to Play: In each of the 5 challenging levels, you have 5 minutes to find all of the hidden objects that are scattered randomly around the room / area. These objects are normal household items, and are listed in the top left corner of the game screen. Scan your eyes around the untidy room, and try to find the items that are indicated in the list. If you think you spot one, simply Left Click on it using your computer mouse or touchpad. If you are correct, the object disappears from the level, and is replaced on the list by another object. Your goal is to clear the list of all objects before the clock runs out. There are at least 15 items to find in each level.

Each time you correctly eliminate an object, you score 100 Points. If you click anywhere on the game screen where there is no listed object, you lose 20 Points from your Points Total. You score Bonus Points for completing each level as quick as you can. The remaining time on the clock (in the top left corner) is calculated, and added to your Points Total. If you are struggling to find an item, click on the ‘Show Hint’ button in the top right corner of the game screen. An item will flash in gold for a couple of seconds, making it easier to find. This Hint button takes time to refresh, so use it wisely. If you fail to find all of the items before the clock runs out, you have to restart the level.

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