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Cute Hungry Cat - Hidden Object Game for Little Kids

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Meet Felix; a cute and hungry cat with delicious fish on his mind! This feisty feline knows that there are 10 succulent fish hidden in various locations around a cluttered garden – but he needs your expert assistance to find them! Cute Hungry Cat is a fun online hidden object game for kids where you have to use your super sleuthing skills to find all 10 exotic fish, and feed them to Felix before a 2-minute timer runs out! Combine the sharp reflexes of a cat and the cunning snooping skills of a Private Eye to ‘fish out’ the hiding spots of the elusive water-dwellers before it’s too late! Trust us; you don’t want to let Felix go hungry!

This fun and interactive point-and-click game is a real test of your observation and masterful mouse-clicking skills, and memory (you must remember the locations of the various different types of distinctive fish). This problem-solving challenge should prove a good fit for fans of hidden object-style brain teasers, or anyone who enjoys a challenging animal-based puzzle! Felix is a fussy little kitty, and his culinary preference changes every time he gobbles on a succulent fish. This means that you may have to go back and re-discover hiding places that you had already found in order to provide Felix with the correct meal. Are you ready to find, and serve, the ‘catch of the day’? Happy detective work!

How to Play: In the top left corner of the game screen, a large green time bar slowly elapses. Although there is no numerical indication, you have exactly 2 minutes to find all of the fish. There are 10 fish in total, dotted in plain sight around the garden, and hidden in the various boxes and drawers all around the game screen. However, you cannot simply click on any fish that you spot; you have to find and eliminate them in a specific order – chosen by Felix himself.

A little picture bubble appears next to Felix’s head at the right hand side of the game screen. In this bubble, is the little yummy fish that Felix wants to eat at that exact moment. Search around the game screen, and try to find that particular treat. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the lids of the boxes, and the front of the various drawers to open them up, revealing the hidden fish inside. Once you find Felix’s desired fish, click on it to deliver the snack to your pet's hungry mouth. You have until the timer runs out to find all 10 fish. If you fail to do so, Felix storms off in a foul mood unfortunately! Click the ‘Replay’ button to play again, but be aware that the fish will be in different positions than your previous attempt. Good luck!

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