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Fun Bike Game for Kids - The Flintstones Race Adventure

Rating: 9/10 - 355 votes

Happy Days. The Flintstones Race Adventure is a fun yet tricky bike-balancing game based on the classic TV cartoon where you have to navigate some of your favorite Flintstone’s characters around a bumpy pre-historic track on a cool caveman-style “motorcycle”. Fred and Barney have to whiz around on stone-age bikes that have rocks for wheels to get around this difficult terrain. Keeping their bikes balanced is the key in this online biker challenge. Because the tracks are so hilly and bumpy (not to mention full of jagged rocks and other obstacles), it’s pretty tough to keep the bikes upright.

You’ll need nifty fingers and a steady hand to keep these colorful characters in the saddle. Test out your balancing abilities on 8 different tracks that get steeper and more challenging as you progress. You’ll need plenty of patience though – it’s a bumpy ride, and there’s plenty of trial and error required. Ok. its time for some good old Flintstone antics. Enjoy the ride! Yabba Dabba Doooo!

How to Play: There are 8 increasingly difficult levels (tracks) to complete. Your goal is to get to the end of each track without falling off the bike. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, first choose your rider – it can either be Fred Flintstone or his best buddy Barney Rubble. To control your bike, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Up Arrow = Forward; Down Arrow = Reverse; Left Arrow = Balance Left; Right Arrow = Balance Right. Hit the Return key to flip in the opposite direction.

Carefully negotiate the tough track, and try to keep your bike balanced. This is certainly not easy – you’ll topple over more than once. Each time you do, you start again from the beginning, or from your last ‘Save Point”. These are check points that are dotted around the track. You can see how much progress you have made on each track by looking at the bar along the top of the game screen. Tip: Sometimes it’s easier to get over tricky jumps by reversing and taking a good run up. Take your time as there’s no clock ticking down.

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