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Naughty Kids' Game Online - Devilish Hairdresser

Rating: 8.3/10 - 11519 votes

Devilish Hairdresser is an awesomely-mischievous, suspense-filled, mouse clicking game for rebellious kids of all ages who like to make a little bit of harmless, virtual trouble and blow off some steam! You play the role of an incredibly cheeky young hairstylist who has to wait until her angelic-like salon partner is not paying attention before systematically ruining a hapless customer’s haircut within 90 seconds! Your scatterbrained hairdressing companion likes to natter on the phone, read books, and make coffee – leaving you ample time to pounce on the unsuspecting customer, holding down the mouse for as long as Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes isn’t looking! If you spend enough time botching the poor little client’s hair style, you score a supreme victory for reckless devilment and naughtiness!

This light-hearted, reaction-based, mouse-clicking skill game is all about patience, good observation and timing. You have to be coiled like a spring; ready to wreak havoc with your scissors the moment the Angel hairstylist is distracted! You need to exhibit lightning-fast mouse reflexes - because if you get caught by the extremely unimpressed Angel, you get sent straight to Angel Prison for naughty hairstylists! Ok, the time is high to strike a devastating blow in the name of cheeky rascal behavior! Happy mischief making!

How to Play: Note: When the game loads, you are asked whether you want to play for high scores and achievements. Click NO if you do not want to stay on Learn4Good, and do not want to be brought to an external site. In each of the 10 increasingly challenging mischief making levels, you have 90 seconds to completely ruin a customer’s hair by clicking and holding down your mouse button ONLY when the Angel Hairstylist is not looking. For each second that you hold the mouse button down, a purple ‘Bad Hair Day’ Bar increases at the top of the game screen. Once the Bad Hair Day Bar is completely filled, the customer’s hair is irreparably damaged, and you "successfully" progress to the next level!

The Angel Hairstylist spends a random amount of time correctly cutting the customer’s hair, and a random amount of time being distracted by other tasks such as talking on the phone, making coffee, and reading books. You are given fair warning as to when she is about to stop paying attention, as a thought-bubble appears beside her head immediately before she turns away. Be careful not to get caught; if she notices your mischief for even a split-second, you fail the level, and get sent to Angel Prison! If this happens, click ‘Try Again’ in the top left corner of the game screen to restart the level.

Tip: Knowing when to release the click, and stop damaging the customer’s hair is the key to your success. The Angel Hairstylist turns her head for a split-second in between not paying attention and cutting the customer’s hair, giving you just enough time to release the click!

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