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Fun Mario Game for Kids to Play - Mario Hood

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You’ve heard of Robin Hood – well what about Mario Hood! That’s right, the legendary Italian gaming superstar has picked up a bow and arrow, and must save his friends from the nasty Bowser in this fun, arrow shooting adventure! Help Mario release his friends from captivity by accurately shooting an arrow (with your mouse) in order to cut through the ropes that tie them up. Be very careful! You only have a set number of arrows, and you have to be extremely accurate – just like good old Robin Hood himself!

You’ll need a steady hand, and good judgement and concentration skills to succeed. One little slip of the hand or too weak or too powerful of a shot and you could end up hitting Mario’s poor pals with those sharp arrows! Mamma Mia – as the famous cartoon carpenter would say! This awesome archery activity requires Olympic-level accuracy. It’s also a good game to help exercise your hand-eye coordination. Happy arrow shooting Master Archer!

How to Play: In each of the 20 increasingly challenging levels, one or more of Mario’s friends has been tied up on a rope by the horrid Bowser, and Mario has to cut his buddies down using only his bow and arrow. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag away from the direction you want the arrow to fly. A Direction Arrow appears to help you to aim. Aim for the rope just above Mario’s poor captured pal (it’s usually Luigi or Princess Peach). When you’re ready, and you think you have gauged the correct power needed for an accurate shot, release your Click to launch the arrow.

You only have a set number of arrows in each level, indicated by the Arrow Icon at the top of the game screen. If you are successful in saving Mario’s friends, you progress to the next level. If not, you have to replay the level. Each of the captured friends has a Health Bar that slowly decreases with time. If you fail to free them before their Health Bar completely reduces, its game over. Try not to hit the Goomba (brown mushroom character) as this also results in a lost life. In later levels, there are special bonuses such as Super Arrows and Extra Lives which are accessed when shot with one of Mario’s arrows.

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