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Mario, the sprightly and lovable Italian plumber, is the master of ledge-jumping, coin-collecting, baddie-bumping action… However, if you told us we’d see Mario flashing his fists of fury in a martial-arts style, battle-based platform game - we’d be very much inclined to exclaim ‘Mamma Mia!’ Mario Combat is a challenging and highly addicting Mario adventure game where you have to guide our mustachioed hero through a series of familiar 2D landscapes. However, instead of simply jumping on top of enemies in order to defeat them, here, Mario engages them in dangerous hand-to-hand combat!

Seasoned Mario game veterans need not worry – all of the classic platform-based game attributes are required for success in this unique and exciting installment. You need to exhibit quick reactions, good timing, tactful jumping, and dogged determination if you want to make it all the way to the final battle with bad guy Bowser! Here, you have to show off some quick-fire punching skills and close-quarters combat know-how that you won’t find in any run-of-the-mill Mario arcade game. Prepare to be thrown into battle in what can only be described as an awesome Mario / Martial Arts mash-up!

How to Play: Your goal is to carefully navigate Mario through the 4 treacherous baddie-filled levels to the final battle with Bowser – Mario’s arch nemesis. Each level is filled with Orange Koopa naughty guys (these are like big bumbling turtles – loyal Mario fans should know them well). Control Mario’s movements using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Left & Right Arrows = Move; Up Arrow = Jump. The "A" Key works as your ‘attack’ button. When Mario is stood close to one of the bad guys, press "A" repeatedly in order to perform punching combos (It usually takes 5 or six punches before a baddie is defeated). Perform different types of punches depending on the Arrow Key you hold down. For example, if you press the Down Arrow + A, Mario performs a devastating uppercut punch.

Once you reach the end of a level, press Spacebar to walk through the door / chute (a big flashing ‘SPACE’ sign appears once you are within range of the exit). There are 4 levels in total – and then you face Bowser in the final showdown. Unlike the normal baddies, Bowser can spew fire and stomp on little Mario – so watch out! Keep an eye on your Health Bar along the top of the game screen. Don’t worry too much if you run out of Health and lose a life (as you have an unlimited amount of lives). If you do lose a life, Mario re-spawns with a full Health Bar at the beginning of the level. Enjoy!

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