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Luigi Mario Game Online - Luigi Cave World 3

Rating: 7.2/10 - 4317 votes

Mario’s younger brother Luigi is no slouch when it comes to battling baddies. Indeed, many a 1980’s gamer conversation centered on the different merits of the two iconic Italian plumbers. Today, it’s time to learn for yourself whether or not Luigi matches up to the jumping, bad-guy-bashing prowess of his much-heralded sibling! Luigi Cave World 3 is a classic 8-bit-style 2D platform game for kids, teens, and nostalgic grownups where you have to escape a tricky cave full of dangerous drops and troublesome Goomba bad guys. Transport yourself back to a time when platform games were as original and enjoyable as making a character jump from one platform to the next with extreme precision and skill!

This fun and easy-to-play arcade game is a delightful throwback to the legendary Super Mario Bros. games of the 1980s. The classic jumping style and instantly-recognizable 8-bit graphics should appeal to vintage game enthusiasts, while the surprising difficulty might challenge some of you younger guys out there! Timing Luigi’s leaps with skill and accuracy is really important. Have you got the keyboard tapping mastery to help Luigi triumph once again? Enjoy the fun adventure!

How to Play: The game takes place over one long, side-scrolling level, and your objective is to safely guide Luigi to the ‘Home’ marker at the end of the level. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control Luigi; Up Arrow = Jump; Down Arrow = Duck; Left and Right Arrows = Move left and right. As you progress through the level, you can collect coins by jumping and hitting Luigi’s head off of the underside of the ‘?’ boxes.

Try to avoid coming into side-on contact with any of the brown, mushroom-shaped ‘Goomba’ bad guys. However, you can defeat these baddies by jumping directly on top of them. Luigi has two forms – Little Luigi and Big Luigi. If a bad guy makes side-on contact with Luigi when he is in “Little” form, it’s game over, and you have to restart the level. However, if Big Luigi is caught side-on by a bad guy, he simply shrinks back down to Little Luigi. Collect the red and white Mushrooms to grow Luigi from little to large. For each coin collected and bad guy defeated, you score points toward your score in the top left corner of the game screen. Keep replaying the level to see if you can beat your top score each time. Good luck!

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