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Online Santa Mario-style Game - Sint Nicolaas

Rating: 8.2/10 - 3576 votes

Sint Nicolaas is a fun yet challenging Holiday-themed, Mario-style platform jumping game that sees the legendary Italian plumber replaced by jolly old Santa Claus! Help Santa jump from roof to roof to deliver color coded gifts and cookies down the chimneys of eagerly waiting children! Guide the surprisingly agile Santa safely through a series of snow-covered neighborhoods featuring pesky birds, cool power-ups, and helpful lamppost springs. Santa is racing against the clock, but be careful not to let him slip off of the sides of the roofs as it’s a long way down! Oops..

This light-hearted arcade-style platformer requires quick reactions, decent keyboard tapping abilities, good timing and decision making, and dogged determination to see the job done. The classic raster graphics and fluid jumping gameplay is delightfully reminiscent of the great 1980s Mario games, which means (as long-toothed gamers will know) that you are in for a real action-packed treat! Those lovely Christmas gifts aren’t going to deliver themselves so let’s get jumping!

How to Play: Control Santa’s movements using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. In each increasingly difficult level, your goal is to deliver specifically-colored gifts and cookies down each chimney (you have a minimum of 3 minutes to complete the level). Each gift is wrapped in a particular color of wrapping paper – and this gift must match the color on the front of each chimney; for example, the red gift must be dropped into the chimney with a red marker, and so on. You also must drop 5 cookies into each chimney. Both gifts and cookies are placed randomly around the play area. Once Santa stands on the top of a chimney, he automatically deposits the respective gifts / cookies into it.

Keep an eye on the clock in the bottom left corner of the game zone. You begin each level with a minimum of 3 minutes, but this can be increased if you ‘carry over’ time from previous levels. For example; if you finish Level 1 with 30 seconds remaining on the clock, you start level 2 with 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Try to avoid any of the birds that flutter around the chimneys! If Santa comes into side-on contact with a bird, you lose a quantity of Health (indicated by the heart icons in the bottom right corner). If Santa falls off of the side of a roof, and down through the bottom of the game area, you lose one life (You can see how many remaining lives Santa has in the bottom left corner). Enjoy!

(A fun fact to share with your family this Holiday Season: Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas) is the name and spelling that people use for Santa Claus in various regions of Europe, such as the Netherlands, Belguim, certain areas of Germany and Austria. In those countries, he traditionally delivers gifts to children on December 5th or 6th, rather than December 25th!)

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