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The undisputed King of platform arcade games is about to face his toughest challenge yet. Mamma Mia! Super Mario Flash 2 is a classic-style platform game featuring the our favorite Italian adventurer on yet another quest to rescue his beloved Princess Toadstool from the clutches of the cunning villain Bowser. Navigate the legendary plumber through dozens of treacherous levels filled with troublesome turtles, steep ravines, dangerous dragons, and a whole host of bad guys and obstacles. Help Mario dodge and jump his way through increasingly challenging levels full of secret passageways, collectable items, and literally hundreds of wacky and slippery little bad guys. You’ll need super-quick reactions, doubly nifty fingers and a super cool head. Ok Arcade Master, let’s do this!

How to Play: On the Main Level Map, use the Right Arrow Key on your computer keyboard to move Mario to the level entrance, and hit Spacebar to enter the level. Your goal in each difficult side-scrolling challenge is to get Mario to the Green Exit Tube at the end of the level. To do this, you have to jump over ravines, eliminate some bad guys, avoid other bad guys, and collect valuable items such as coins and mushrooms. Use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to move Mario around.

Eliminate enemies by jumping on top of them. Avoid colliding with any bad guy from the side or from beneath. If Mario is in “Little” form, hitting off a bad guy in this way results in a life lost. However, if you collect a Red Mushroom, Mario immediately becomes larger, and is able to take one hit off an enemy before shrinking back to Little Mario. Collect and unlock items by jumping at “?” boxes dotted around each level.

Tip: Try to hitch a ride on Yoshi, the friendly dragon who hatches from an egg that you can release by jumping at the underside of a “?” Box. Yoshi runs faster and jumps higher than Mario can, so he’s a very useful way to get through levels more quickly. Yoshi even gets rid of bad guys by sucking them up with his tongue (hit Spacebar to see!).

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