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Super Mario – the iconic arcade star – is back and ready to rock in another all-action platform adventure. New Super Mario Bros Flash is a classic-style Mario arcade game where you play the role of the eccentric Italian plumber in a brave and daring quest to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the cunning villain Bowser – Mario’s turtle-like arch nemesis. With gameplay reminiscent of Mario games from the 1980s (the graphics here are much improved from the old 2D titles), Mario has to jump from ledge to ledge, avoiding nasty bad guys, and collecting a whole host of wacky power-ups along the way. Use fast fingers and good hand eye coordination to navigate through dozens of treacherous levels filled with all kinds of troublesome baddies, ravines, and obstacles. Are you ready to write a new chapter in Mario’s rich and eventful history? As the great little man himself would say, Mamma Mia, let’s-a go!

How to Play: Controlling Mario is straight forward; Maneuver him using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Your Left and Right Arrows move Mario from side to side, and the Up Arrow is the all-important Jump Key. Press Up + Left or Right simultaneously to leap through the air in your chosen direction. Hit the Down Arrow while standing on special Green Tubes to warp Mario to different parts of each level. Your goal is to reach the Green Finish Tube at the end of each challenging platform world. In between, you are faced with a series of tricky ledges and jumps to overcome, as well as snapping flowers, brown mushrooms and other troublesome bad guys.

Keep one eye on your Health Bar in the top right corner of the game screen. Touching off a bad guy causes you to lose a square of Health. If you lose all 4 green squares of Health, you lose a life, and have to start the level again. Similarly, if you fall off a ledge into the abyss below, you have to restart the level from the beginning. Luckily, you have an unlimited supply of extra lives, giving you a fighting chance of rescuing Princess Peach!

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