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Free Matching Game for Kids - Tropical Swaps

Rating: 8/10 - 336 votes

Tropical Swaps is a fun matching game for kids and teens where you have to match the pieces of some quirky tropical characters by placing them on top of each other (This is how you score points). Once the pieces form a complete picture, they disappear off the game screen. Some pictures need only two pieces, while others need three or four. If the stacks of the pieces get too high, they wobble and fall over. If this happens, it’s game over! This very entertaining and friendly game requires fast reaction speed and a sharp eye! You get to build complete pictures of frogs, bees, butterflies, plants, penguins, zebras and much much more! Enjoy!

OK, you have two game-playing Modes - Action and Endurance along with three levels of difficulty - Casual, Regular and Expert. In Action Mode, you have to fill the “Cleared Meter” before time runs out, in order to pass each level. Every time you get a match, the picture goes into the Cleared Meter at the bottom of the game screen. Every five levels, there is a Bonus Level. You can use the Panic Button three times on Casual, twice on Regular and once on Expert level.

In Endurance Mode, there’s no time limit – you just need to keep going until the stacks topple over. When the Cleared Meter fills up, it just empties again and the playing difficulty increases. You can use the Panic button the same amount of times as in Action mode. The Panic Button can provide you with a bit of help (when it’s available). It might: remove some pieces if the level is getting too full – or drop some bombs – or just give you some extra time. OK Matchmaker, are you ready for some fast and furious fun in the jungle? Let's get building!

How To Play: Follow the in-game tutorial for best results. Use your computer mouse to play. Left Click on your mouse to pick up individual (or stacked) pieces. Left Click again to drop them where you think you might get a match. New pieces fall into the game screen every so often (you get a warning before). In the bottom left corner of the game screen, there is a Reserve Piece. You can use this to bring pieces into play quickly or just to get the piece you really need. Left Click on it with your mouse to pick it up - then Left Click again to drop it.

Tips: Try scoring “Combos”. You can build Combos by arranging the pieces so that when the first picture is removed, the remaining pieces fall to form another complete picture. Every time this occurs, your score is multiplied. You can also score Combos if you are fast with your mouse and complete the next picture straight away. You can see your Score and Game Time on the left hand side of the game screen, your Level and Cleared Meter at the bottom and the Panic and Pause buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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