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Fun Algebra Game Online - Parking Algebra

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It’s safe to say that math and driving are two challenging disciplines that normally sit at opposite ends of the online game spectrum. However, get ready to immerse yourself in a surprisingly addicting game that amazingly combines algebra problem-solving with slick car parking! Parking Algebra is a fun mathematics-based parking skill game for elementary school and middle school age kids where you have to first figure out the solution to a simple algebra equation, and then carefully park your car in the numbered spot that corresponds with your answer! There are also other vehicles dotted around the parking lot, so be careful not to crash! And, as if things weren’t challenging enough, there is a clock ticking away, so you don’t have all day to scratch your head wondering what ‘X’ is; you’ve got to add, subtract, multiply, and drive at speed!

This unusual multitasking skill game exercises two very different parts of your brain; first, you have to engage your analytical and mathematical skills as you solve an algebra problem, then you need to exhibit good hand-eye coordination skills and keyboard tapping abilities to swiftly park your car in the correct spot. This could be a helpful activity to help a child who is struggling with his/her algebra homework, or simply an alternative challenge for dedicated fans of good old-fashioned math brain teasers! Ok Master Mathematician, it’s time to apply your brilliant mind to the noble art of parking an automobile! Happy problem solving (and parking!).

How to Play: In each of the 6 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to fill all of the empty parking spaces before the clock runs out. You have to park cars, one-by-one, in their own specifically numbered parking spaces. Each time a car arrives at the car park entrance on the left side of the game screen, a new algebra equation appears in the top left corner. The answer to this equation = the number of the spot that you must park the car. For example; if the equation is X + 4 = 9, then you must park the car in Parking Spot 5, because X = 5 (5 + 4 = 9). You do not have to enter in the correct answer on the game screen; you can simply do the equation in your head, and then get driving.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your cars. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. If you park the car safely and accurately into the correct spot, the car snaps into position, and a new vehicle arrives at the gate. Keep an eye on the clock in the top left corner of the game screen. The parking lot must be filled before the clock runs out in order to progress to the next level. Be careful not to crash any cars! Each time you collide with another vehicle or off of the parking lot walls, your car flashes red, and you are given one ‘Warning’. If you accumulate 5 Warnings, you fail the level.

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