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Fun Math Game to Play Online - Math Attack

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Can you answer the mathematical questions in order to keep the germs (infectious agents) at bay? Math Attack is a fun, interactive math and science-themed game for kids and teens where you get to play the role of a doctor struggling to keep his patient alive. Nasty germs (bacteria, viruses)are trying to enter your patient’s body, and you have to fight off and eliminate them one by one. To do this, you must answer all of the simple math questions that appear in the mouth of the “White Blood Cell”.

Possible answers are shown on the toxic germs that are moving towards the center of your patient’s body. You must outwit these poisonous agents, and click on the vicious germ with the correct answer in order to eliminate it (before it or any of the other microorganisms contaminate your patient). If you click on the correct answer, your patient’s immune system is able to fight that lethal strain of infection by firing life-saving antibodies and blasting it into obscurity.

This entertaining and educational game requires good hand-eye coordination and quick-thinking skills. The further you advance though the levels, the higher your IQ becomes, which means you can further your medical career as a doctor; Go from a first year trainee (Level 2), to a first year intern (Level 4) and eventually to a world-renowned professor of medicine as you battle those pesky germs! Good Luck!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to click on the “Play Game” icon to start the game. You have two minutes to answer as many mathematical questions as you can in order to clear the level of all germs. The Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division questions are displayed in the “White Blood Cell” in the center of the playing area. Use your computer mouse to click on the correct answer that is on one of the germs trying to enter your patient’s body. If you get the answer correct, the white blood cell attacks and eliminates the microbe that you clicked on.

If you answer incorrectly, all of the germs survive until you get it right. You automatically earn power-ups in the form of Vitamins, Antibiotics, Vaccines, Surgery and Radiation as you advance. If you are underpressure, you can use these power–ups (they help you defeat the deadly germs and save your patient). The further you progress through this addicting game,the more complex the questions are, and the faster the ugly germs move. If you fail to answer all the problems in two minutes, the fatal infectious agents enter your patient’s body and it’s game over. So be quick, and remember it’s a Life and Death situation! Go Doc!

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