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Fun Flying Maze Game for Kids - Mk5 Workbot

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Life’s not easy working in a robot factory, especially when you’re a cute little HoverBot (a hovering & flying robot). Mk5 Workbot is a fun and challenging adventure maze game where your job is to guide a HoverBot called Mk5 through a series of difficult levels. To progress through each level, you must bring a number of cells (batteries) to a special landing area before the clock runs out. You must avoid obstacles, crushing machines, enemy robots and lasers by maneuvering the little HoverBot around the tricky mazes.

Be very careful, Mk5 is fragile and if you touch off anything (including the sides), you lose a life. Pick up Power-ups along your way including time extensions and points bonuses. You need to have quick reactions and nifty fingers to succeed in this futuristic flying game. Think you can help the HoverBot complete his mission? Happy hovering and good luck!

How to Play: To control Mk5, use your Arrow Keys. He can move by hovering in any direction. The goal in each level is to pick up the cells and transport them to the landing area. The cells are little green battery type objects. Mk5 automatically picks them up if you fly beside them. Once you have a cell in your grip, hover down to the landing area (blue flame) and he automatically drops the cell onto it. In some levels, you need to drop more than one cell onto the landing area to progress.

In some of the levels, you are in darkness with only a small spotlight on Mk5. Be careful to avoid the walls and any obstacles that might be in your way. If you crash into anything, you lose a life. Once all of your lives are used, it’s game over and you must start again. You can see how many lives you have left in the top left corner of the game screen. Some enemy robots chase you, while others fire lasers that you have to avoid. It certainly is a dangerous world when you’re a HoverBot!

Tip: To use Mk5’s Turbo Boost, hit Spacebar while directing him. He increases speed and you can avoid obstacles more easily.

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