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Online Ninja Climbing Game - Advanced Ninja

Rating: 7.7/10 - 2490 votes

Advanced Ninja is a highly challenging maze game where you get to play as a ninja-warrior on a covert mission - using skill and ingenuity to make your way over rugged terrain and up and down dangerous cliff faces. This game requires the speed, stealth and agility of a cat, and lots of practice. Ninjas are highly trained mercenaries. The philosophy behind training is to get results - by any means necessary!

Your goal on each level is to get to the EXIT DOOR. If you make it there alive, you progress to the next level. When you “RESPAWN”, you go back to the start of the level. You have only a certain number of lives per level so make no mistakes! You can see the level, your time, the number of deaths and your score in the top of the game screen. Think you have what it takes to become a REAL Ninja?

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to aim the hook and click on the mouse to throw it. If you hold the Shift key on your computer keyboard, you can see the hook’s predicted path or trajectory (it follows to where your mouse cursor is pointing). Tips: Don’t jump down from obstacles that are too high or you’ll get badly injured and you’ll be eliminated. Instead, gently lower yourself (to a safe distance) with the rope and hook and then let go. Yes, the hook works. You simply have got to master how to use it! You only use the hook when the cliff wall or obstacle is too high to overcome by jumping alone, or the cliff is too tall to safely descend from.

Controls: Ninja movements are controlled by using the WASD keys on your keyboard. Use the following keys to play the game: W - Jump/Climb Rope, S – Lower Rope, A – Move/Swing Left, D – Move/Swing Right, Q – Quit Game, Mouse Click – Throw Rope, Spacebar – Respawn, W+W - to jump off the walls while kicking in the opposite direction.

To climb down, aim your mouse downward and hook yourself very close to your feet. Hold the mouse, and now use the D or A key to get yourself to the cliff edge - once there, press S to start descending on the hook. To swing when hanging freely, use the A & D keys to move over and back. Go Ninja!

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