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Memory Challenge and Concentration Game for Kids

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Good memory test game for kids: Exercise your memory skills by remembering specific sequences of colors, fruit, and other random objects! Memory Challenge is a stimulating brain teaser game and concentration activity for little kids through older children in elementary school age where you must observe a fast-moving sequence of tiles with specific colors, shapes or objects, and then repeat that sequence back by clicking on the correct tiles in order! Pit your wits against the increasingly-challenging ‘Classic Mode’, or take on the very tricky ‘Time Mode’ were you have 90 seconds to solve as many sequence puzzles as your can!

Skills required: This fun and highly-challenging visual and memory puzzle game requires a good blend of observation skills, visual memory skills, analytical thinking, focus, determination and stamina. This can be hard work for your brain so stay disciplined! Keep distractions to a minimum, and your eyes fixed on the sequences!

How to Play: A Flash-based, memory puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are two distinct game modes: Classic Mode and Time Mode. In Classic Mode, you must solve increasingly-challenging sequence puzzles. The first sequence has just 2 color tiles, the second sequence has 3 tiles, and so forth. In Time Mode, you have 90 seconds to complete as many sequence puzzles as possible.

In Classic Mode, you are shown a sequence of color tiles in a specific order. When the ‘show’ part is finished, you must click on the colors at the bottom of the play area in the same order you just observed. The sequence remains the same, but an extra color is added on each time. There are no second chances – if you make a mistake, it's game over. Keep trying to beat your top score (You score one point for each correct sequence).

Time Mode is the same concept, except that here, you have 90 seconds to solve as many puzzles as possible. There are different types of tiles displayed - including shapes, fruit, and pointing hands. Tip: You can speed up the tiles in the sequence by clicking on them as they rotate.

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