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Nv2.0: The Way of The Ninja - Awesome Online Game

Rating: 8.3/10 - 1009 votes

Simply Awesome - with 100 platform levels for one or two players! Experience the ancient ‘way of the ninja’ and guide an acrobatic stickman hero through 100 extremely-dangerous, maze-like levels against the clock! N v2.0: The Way of the Ninja - Full Online Version is a highly-addicting, run and jump-based arcade game for older kids and teens where you must safely maneuver courageous ninja stickmen through confined environments filled with spiky obstacles, moving ledges, missile-firing enemies, and other hindrances. Play solo or team up with a good friend or family member in 2 Player mode to double your chances of conquering the 100 mighty challenges.

Skills required: This cool ‘escape-the-level’ action-packed game places great emphasis on timing and reaction skills as you leap around the confined game screen – dodging and vaulting over obstacles. Precision keyboard control is absolutely vital – Ninjas cannot withstand any harmful contact with spiky obstacles or baddies. Trial and error also comes into play – You may need a few attempts to figure out the best way to complete some levels. As there are 100 in total, only a complete ninja master could complete them all in one attempt! Is that you?

How to Play: A multi-level, Flash-based, platform / action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 100 increasingly-difficult levels (Higher levels are really tough!), your task is to collect the blue Keycard, and then escape through the unlocked Exit Door. Each level is timed by the purple timer at the top of the game screen but you can add time to this bar by collecting Gold Time Nuggets along your way (There are usually dozens of these Time Nuggets in each level, and each one adds two seconds to the clock). Your time bar total carries on throughout your journey through the levels.

Play in either 1 Player and 2 Player Mode: To activate 2 Player Mode, press the N Key on the Level Select Screen. In 1 Player Mode, control your ninja using the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and press Z to jump. In 2 Player Mode, Player 1 (darker ninja) moves with the A and D Keys and jumps with the SHIFT Key. Player 2 (light grey ninja) moves with the comma ( , ) and full stop ( . ) Keys, and jumps with the N Key. In 2 Player mode, you play as a team, and just one ninja needs to reach the Exit in order for you both to progress.

In either mode, ninjas cannot withstand contact with enemy missiles, spiky obstacles, and other hindrances. In 1 Player Mode, when your player is eliminated, press the Jump Key or Spacebar to restart the level. In 2 Player Mode, the surviving player can continue the level. If both ninjas are eliminated, restart the level with the Jump Key / Spacebar.

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