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2D Bike Game Online - Neon Rider World

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Neon Rider World is an awesome, skill-based, 2D retro-style bike driving game where you must guide a fast and futuristic motorbike through a series of challenging, hi-tech race tracks with tricky hills, bumps, and ravines galore! The twist is that certain sections of the track are colored differently, and you must quickly change your rider-less vehicle to a specific neon color in order to ride on that piece of upcoming track! You can choose to play on the original pre-programmed levels, or test yourself against super-fan-designed tracks from talented gamers around the globe!

This cool, side-scrolling arcade game takes elements from the cult 80's movie Tron, and mashes them into a cool and challenging biking adventure set in the distant future! Quick reflexes, smart keyboard control, and sharp observation skills are all vitally important as you attempt to remain on-course by promptly changing your bike's color to suit the track. Enjoy the high speed retro action!

How to Play: Your goal in any level is to safely guide your rider-less bike to the end of the track. Use the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control your machine's movement: W = Accelerate; S = Reverse; A = Lean Back; D = Lean Forward (The arrow key do not serve this function here). Most of the course is covered in a neutral whitish-colored neon track. However, certain sections of the track are colored red, yellow, green, and blue.

Once the game loads, click on the "Begin" button to go to the Main Menu Screen. Here, you can choose your game mode. Clicking "Play" underneath the Main Game banner brings you to the 15 normal, developer-designed levels. If you want a different type of challenge, click on the "User Levels" option, and then choose from the dozens of fan-made tracks. Alternatively, click on the "Play Random" to instantly begin a randomly-chosen track.

Note: In the first level of the "Main Game" Mode (called Introduction), your bike falls from the top of the game screen, and you must be ready to instantaneously control the bike from the moment it hits the track. We recommend holding down the D Key to keep the bike from flipping over (to maintain its balance on impact).

In order for your bike to ride on these special colored sections, it must match the color of that track (For example, if the track is about to turn Red, you can only drive on it if your bike changes color to Red). Use the Arrow Keys to change your bike's color: Up Arrow = Green; Down Arrow = Blue; Left Arrow = Red; Right Arrow = Yellow.

If your bike hits a section of track while in the wrong color, it simply falls through the track into the abyss below, and you must replay the level (Press Spacebar to re-start the level at any stage). There is no time limit, but your earn bonus points for completing levels quickly. See you in the future!

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