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Hard Hidden Objects Game - Sherlock! Hidden Tableaux 6

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Do you fancy yourself as something of a sleuth or amateur detective or a tenacious police officer one day? Have you got a very sharp and selective eye capable of picking out secret hidden icons on a massively detailed period image? If so, we’ve got just the test for you! Sherlock! Hidden Tableaux 6 is an extremely challenging, hidden object game where you have to forensically find a selection of specific items cleverly hidden within a fabulous 18th Century painting. At first glance, this epic and in-depth image by Giovanni Paolo Panini seems like a normal (albeit stunning) work of art set in a slightly untidy room or chamber. However, if you look more closely, you see that there are dozens of tiny additional objects in 6 different forms (jigsaw pieces, love hearts, stars, numbers, musical notes & eggs). You really have to activate your snooping senses, and study the environment, and find as many of these mini-items as possible within a set number of clicks!

This enthralling, mouse-clicking hidden object activity is a ‘must-play’ for part-time investigators, sleuthing fanatics, and lovers of beautiful art (this famous painting is actually housed in the Louvre in Paris!). This problem-solving game requires excellent concentration and observation skills, and great patience and determination in order to find the elusive, miniscule objects amid the clutter of a tremendously detailed artwork. Happy search!

How to Play: After the game loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner to load the Main Menu screen. Click ‘Start’ on the Main Menu, then choose your difficulty level: In ‘Normal’ Mode, your mouse cursor transforms into a hand when you hover over a hidden object, and you receive points for finding them. In ‘Hard’ Mode, you earn further points for finding the concealed items.

Cleverly hidden among the many different areas of the painting are: 30 Stars; 20 Jigsaw Pieces; 10 Musical Notes; 25 Eggs, 30 Love Hearts & 10 Numbers. You begin the game with 30 available ‘clicks’, and score points for each object you successfully click on and eliminate from the painting. You obtain a bonus of an extra 20 clicks if you find all of the items in any one category. For example, if you click on all 10 Musical Notes, an extra 20 clicks is added to your total. Keep an eye on your click count in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Your Points Total begins at 15,000, and ticks down slowly as you play the game. Try to score as many points as possible before you run out of clicks (You only use up one click from your ‘click count’ when you successfully eliminate an object).

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