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Fun Flash Arcade Game for Kids - Billy Square

Rating: 8.6/10 - 79 votes

Billy Square is a fun and challenging arcade game for kids where you have to click-and-drag brave little Billy the Square through a series of treacherous levels - avoiding spikes, maces, and other dangerous objects along the way. Help Billy retrieve his family's precious food that has been stolen by the elusive Mr. Mean. You can ‘throw’ Billy around like a ball to propel him around the game screen, then dunk him into a square-shaped basket in each level to progress. Beware of Red Force-field areas, as you cannot control Billy’s movement once he is inside them. Timing and accuracy are the key to success, as you have to ‘throw’ Billy like a ball (even though he is square-shaped) using a click, drag, and release action.

This fun skill-based activity will also test your quick reactions as you have to ‘catch’ Billy with your mouse as he flies through the air in later levels. Your strategic planning abilities will also come into play as you have to carefully create safe pathways for him through spiky areas. Are you ready to support this cute little guy in his quest against horrible Mr. Mean? He could really use your help, and as the saying goes – it’s Hip to be Square!

How to Play: Your goal in each of the 21 levels is to get Billy from the left of the game area into the square-shaped basket – usually situated on the right side of the playing area. Control Billy using your computer mouse or touchpad. Left Click on him, and hold your click down. While your click is held, you can control where Billy goes by moving your mouse around the screen. Once you release the click, Billy moves in the direction you were pulling him. Use a sweeping movement with your mouse to ‘throw’ Billy across the screen. While you can keep a hold of him when he is in Blue Background Areas, you cannot control him once he enters a Red Force-field area. The trick is to propel him through the Red Area - then quickly click on him again once he has re-entered a Blue Area.

There are 3 Gold Coins to be collected in each level. These Coins are not essential, but see if you can collect all three and get to the basket in each level. Try to avoid spikes, and falling mace-like spiky balls. If you hit off any of these, you have to restart the level. You have an unlimited amount of lives, so keep trying until you get Billy into the basket. If you get stuck at any stage, click the ‘Restart’ button in the top right corner of the game screen. Tip: The sides of each level can be used as walls to stop Billy in his tracks. You can use this to your advantage by propelling him over spikes and using the walls as buffers so you can catch him again.

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