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Fun Online Golf & Skill Game - Gravitee

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Golf is a game that is played in some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring places on Earth. It was even famously played on the moon by NASA astronaut Alan Shepard in 1971! Now, in cyberspace, it’s time to take this ball game to the next level! Gravitee is a fun and innovative physics & skill-based game where you play golf in an outer space environment (yet is similar in theme to mini golf). Set in a distant region of the galaxy, you have to whack a golf ball around a planet-filled area, and try to get it through a hoop-shaped ‘hole’ that is part of one of the main planets in as few shots as possible. While this may sound relatively straight-forward, here, you have to take into account the mass and gravitational pull of each planet, as well as the power of your shot.

This unusual online brain teaser activity requires some understanding of physics and how gravity works as you have to adjust the angle of each golf shot, and consider how gravity is going to affect your balls movement and destiny. This fun 1-player game requires a lot of patience and a steady hand, and takes a few shots to get the hang of (to get into your swing). It should be a good fit for young fans of games with a science-based angle, or those of you who love virtual sports games with a twist. Can your problem solving skills lead to a hole in one? Or will your golfing ability simply drift into space? It's time to focus on the mission at hand Captain!

How to Play: There is a helpful tutorial that you should follow when you first open and play the game. You have the possibility to play on 10 different courses, with 9 ‘holes’ on each course. In each level (hole), your goal is to get the little white ball from one planet through a hoop located on another planet. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on your ball, and hold down the left button to prepare for a shot. Move your mouse cursor in the direction you want your ball to travel. A Green ‘Power’ Arrow and an Orange ‘Trajectory’ Line come out of the ball. The longer the Green Arrow, the harder the shot. The Orange Line indicates the path that the ball will travel. Release the Click to execute the shot.

Your ball is subject to the gravitational pull of the planets that make up each level. After you release the click, the ball travels through the air in the direction you chose, and curves toward the planet closest to it. Larger planets have more of a gravitational pull than smaller planets. If you get it through the hoop, you progress to the next hole. If you don’t get it on your first shot (a ‘hole in one’), you have to take your next shot from wherever the ball lands. If your ball flies too far and out off the game screen play area, it goes ‘out of bounds’, and returns to where you took the previous shot. Try and complete each course in the fewest amount of shots to earn Achievements, and to unlock subsequent courses. See if you can earn a Gold Medal in all 10 courses. Happy golf vacationing in space!

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