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Online Halloween Game for Kids - Boxhead Halloween Special

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Boxhead Halloween game continues the global mission of saving civilians from zombies. It is All-Hallows-Eve (Halloween evening) and Boxville has been overrun by zombies. You must play the part of the hero and go out and save all civilians in the village. You have a limited amount of time to find a group of civilians wondering around the village looking to be rescued. The more time you spend looking around – the more zombies that crawl out from their hideout.

Lead the civilians (the blue guys) to safety while defending them from the zombie onslaught. Your mission is to bring the whole group safely to the rescue point, and the less time you spend shooting zombies – the more time you have for search and rescue. There are 4 different weapons to choose from, and they become available as you advance through the levels. You have the choice of a Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun and Grenade when it comes to defence from the zombies.

Each gun (except the pistol) has a limited amount of ammo but there are boxes of ammunition available at various places on the street to top up your ammo reserve. Do not try to shoot every zombie you see – it is not your job to shoot them all down. Your job is to rescue the civilians!

How to Play: There are a few things to remember. Look at the radar located in the bottom left corner to see where the blue dots are. The countdown timer next to it displays the time left for your current mission. The green numbers shown in the “Civilians Saved” box – shows how many civilians currently saved and/or how many you should find and save on this level. The number of civilians to be saved increases and you have to run faster and search harder for the remaining civilians.

If you shoot a civilian by accident (shoot a civilian while aiming at a zombie next or behind him) – you will have to go out and find one more civilian to achieve the full group count. The bottom right corner displays the amount of ammunition remaining and the weapon becomes unavailable when you are out of its ammo. The Shotgun is the most powerful but you have just 24 rounds in one load. Grenades are useful only when using against large groups of zombies, as throwing accuracy is low and a grenade must explode near a zombie to cause it some damage.

The Rescue Point direction is also shown on the radar by the red arrow. You have to walk/run in the direction that arrow is pointing in order to reach the rescue point which is marked by a big red cross. Zombies move slowly and you can sometimes run by them without wasting your time shooting at them. However, you are immediately eliminated if they grab you. Concentrate on the radar and move toward the blue-dressed people (civilians), using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. Once the civilians see you – they will follow you wherever you go, as long as they can see you. To shoot – press the Spacebar key on your keyboard, and to switch your weapon, press the number keys 1 to 4. Good luck Hero!

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