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Play Enough Plumbers - Online Platform Game like Mario

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Calling fans of Super Mario-style platform games! Have you ever played an online adventure / survival game and thought "Wow, if only I had more than one hero character - I could complete this level"? If so, then this could be your lucky day!

Enough Plumbers is a classic-style, 8-bit arcade game, and a fun, challenging and addicting platform jumping game with an intriguing clone-themed puzzle twist! Here, you must create lots of duplicate (clone) plumber characters along the way in order to complete a series of tricky obstacle and enemy-filled levels.

While you begin each level with just one plumber (dressed in blue clothing in order to differentiate him from another iconic computer game plumber hero), you can quickly use good strategy to create more and more identical characters. This gives you a much better chance of at least one little guy surviving all the way to the finishing post (flag) in each level.

This surprisingly-difficult online action game for kids, teens & nostalgic grownups really is a tricky brain teaser and problem-solving challenge, especially in later levels as you attempt to figure out the best way to use your little clone characters to your advantage. It proves a good exercise activity of your observation and concentration skills, quick-thinking ability, strategy skills, reaction speed under constant pressure, and utter determination to make it to the flag. Enjoy!

How to Play: In each of the 25 progressively-challenging levels, you must guide at least one of your blue plumber characters to the Finishing Flag Pole (usually located in an awkward-to-reach position on the opposite side of the game screen).

Control your plumber’s movement using the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and press your Up Arrow to jump. If your initial plumber character comes into contact with a Gold Coin, a duplicate / clone character spawns from the location of that coin. This and subsequent clones all mimic (in unison) the movement of your Arrow Key directions.

Naturally, your path to the finishing flag is blocked by a variety of obstacles and enemies (slugs and mushrooms can be eliminated by jumping onto their heads). If any of your little characters come into side-on contact with an enemy, that plumber is eliminated. If you have no further plumbers remaining, you must replay the level. Occasionally, one or more of your plumbers may have to transform into an ‘ice breaker’, ‘fire-ball’, or ‘floating’ character in order to navigate through certain parts of a level. If you need to re-start the level at any time, press Spacebar.

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