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Monopoly can help to teach children and teenagers basic money management skills, about budgeting your personal finances, investing and making the most of the opportunities that come your way. It also shows that luck plays a role in life's outcomes, but so do important things within our control - such as determination, patience, persistence, hard work, and making smart decisions when those opportunities come along.

Monopoly Idle is a quirky online version of the classic property / real estate trading board game! With the goal of buying up all of the land on the board, and upgrading everything to its maximum value, this 1-player, dice-rolling challenge requires good strategy and of course - your fair share of luck!

Note that ‘Idle’ games continue running while you do other things on your computer, or take a break. Here, that means that you continue earning virtual income even if you aren't actively participating. So, when you return, you can start spending that idly-earned dough!

This fun and interactive, virtual board game has all the famous features of regular Monopoly - including Chance, Community Chest, Free Parking, Go to Jail, and more! While you require the luck of the dice-roll, there are no opponents to stand in your way of sheer commercial domination! Hail to Monopoly, the undisputed king of real estate tycoon board games!

How to Play: At the beginning of the game, your piece (the Iron) is situated on the ‘Go’ square. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the dice near the bottom left hand corner of the main board. This randomly generates a dice roll, and your piece automatically moves that number of spaces.

If you land on an available piece of land, click ‘Buy’ on the icon that pops up to purchase that square. Your ultimate goal is to own ‘monopolies’ of all of the different colored pieces of land. Each time you land on an already-purchased piece of land, you can add ‘houses’ to it by clicking ‘Buy’. For each 4 houses purchased, you earn a hotel. The more land, houses, and hotels you own, the more money flows into your income chest in the top right corner of the play area.

Click on the UPG (Upgrade) button in the top right corner, and purchase as many upgrades as you can to increase your virtual cash flow. Keep adding property and upgrades to your portfolio, and see how large your monopoly can grow! Enjoy the action!

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