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Fun Online Game to Play - Over The Moon

Rating: 8.6/10 - 73 votes

Ever since hearing the famous Nursery Rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, cows all over the world have been longing to ‘jump over the moon’, just like the rhyme says! Now that rocket scientists have invented the ingenious Cow Launcher, that dream is finally a possibility – and you can help them do it! Over The Moon is a tricky, addicting skill and timing game for kids where you have to successfully launch an extremely brave pioneer cow through the air using various barrels, balloons, and other launching gadgetry.

In each level, you must launch your cow toward a Star that is positioned high in the sky. You must carefully direct the launching cow through the air, ensuring she goes from one launching station (usually a Barrel) to the next – eventually collecting the highly-placed Star. Choosing the right pathway isn’t easy, because once you use a Barrel to fire your Cow, you can’t use it again. As you progress through the levels, things get even more challenging, as blockades try to stop your Cow from reaching the next Barrel.

This fun arcade game will really test your timing, as difficult moving targets mean you have to execute each launch exactly right. Your strategic planning will also come into play, as you need to plan out a route between the various different launching stations. Try your best to help these determined animals realize a life-time ambition and reach for the Stars! Happy space travel!

How to Play: The goal in each level is launch your cow to reach the Star which is usually at the highest point in the sky. You must also collect as many Gold Coins as you can along the way to unlock future levels. Your cow starts each level in a Milk Bottle Launcher at the bottom of the game screen. When she is inside, he only launches straight upward. Using your computer mouse, click and drag the cow left and right along the bottom until she’s in the correct position to launch upward. Once you release the click, the Milk Bottle explodes and the cow shoots into the air. Hopefully, he lands in a Barrel (station). There are two types of barrel – Movable and Static. The Static Barrels are fixed in position, and when your cow launches from them, it goes in a set direction. Movable Barrels (indicated by a crosshair / target) follow the movement of your computer cursor, so you can fire the cow in any direction.

Keep launching the cow around the level until you ‘catch’ (touch off) the Star. Remember, once you use one Barrel, it explodes and you cannot use it again. If the cow falls all the way to the bottom, you fail the level and have to start over again. In later levels, there are moving Barrels and Balloons so you have to time the launch perfectly so your cow reaches them. To restart the level at any stage, click the Circular Arrows in the bottom left corner. Note that the sides of the game screen act like walls, so if your cow impacts with one, she bounces off (You may be able to use this to your advantage.)

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