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Difficult Skill Game Online - Grey Life

Rating: 8.8/10 - 104 votes

Grey Life is one of the most addicting skill games that we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Based on a simple concept of getting a grey orb to an exit portal in each maze-like level, the 81 gamer-designed challenges throw up all kinds of wacky obstacles and trials that test your dexterity, reflexes, timing, decision making, and more in an absolute whirlwind of fast-paced, skill-based action! You have to maneuver the tricky-to-control orb around a tightly-spaced level filled with spikes, laser beams, phazer guns, rocket launchers and other deterrents that try to zap your orb into oblivion!

This outrageously challenging arcade game for older kids and grownups is not for the faint hearted! Although early levels are straight-forward enough, the challenges become extremely difficult as you progress through the game. The levels have been designed by online gamers from around the world, and are built to offer the ultimate test of your dodging and weaving abilities, quick reactions, and observation skills. There are literally dozens of obstacles to overcome and avoid in later levels, and anyone who completes all 81 tasks can safely say they are at an Elite Level of online skill-based gaming!

How to Play: Use the Arrow Keys or WASD keys on your computer keyboard to control your grey Orb. In each level, your goal is to get the Orb to the often difficult-to-reach Exit Portal (a large blue square). However, you first have to activate the Exit Portal by coming into contact with the smaller blue square, which acts as a ‘Switch’. Once your Orb comes into contact with the small blue Switch, the Exit Portal turns from blue to orange. Once this happens, simply touch off of it with your Orb to progress to the next level.

At the start of the game, there is only one level available on the selection grid. Each time you complete a level, more are added to the grid. The levels increase in difficulty the further away you go from the initial center square on the grid. In those later levels, you have to avoid the miniature red spikes. If your Orb collides with one of these, you have to restart the level. Likewise, if your Orb is hit by a laser, bullet or rocket, you have to start the level again. Also in later levels, you have to open doors by impacting with small white squares which act as door opening-switches.

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