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Online Snowman Game for Kids - Frosty’s Adventure

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Frosty’s Adventure is a challenging, skill and strategy-based platform puzzle game for young kids to teens where you have to reunite Frosty the Snowman’s head with the rest of his body by carefully rolling and jumping his head through a series of obstacle-filled levels! Fierce winds have blown the friendly snowman’s head off of his shoulders, and into awkward positions far from the other parts of his body. Our snow-based hero needs your expert help to carefully guide his head from ledge to ledge, collecting stars and avoiding traps along the way. However, this is more than just a jumping challenge; you also need to create pathways, solve problems, flip switches and perform other puzzle-based tasks in this wonderful winter-themed adventure!

The gameplay here is reminiscent of good old-fashioned jumping games . This interactive platform game is a fun activity for young children to get into the festive spirit while also enjoying a challenging puzzle. You must think logically here, and carefully plan your route through each tricky level by using good keyboard controls, expert timing, and crafty problem solving skills. Enjoy the head-helping action!

How to Play: In each of the 24 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to successfully reunite Frosty’s head with the rest of his body. The two are usually separated on the game screen by a number of ledges and other obstacles. Control Frosty’s head using either the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. Once his head comes into contact with the other parts of his body, you progress to the next level. Along the way, you can collect 3 Gold Stars from each level. This is not essential, but is beneficial if you want to earn really big scores. The Gold Stars are usually in difficult-to-reach positions throughout each level. Also, the faster you complete each level, the more Bonus Points you score toward your total.

In later levels, you can use levitating crates to your advantage. Simply Left Click on a crate in order to send it floating vertically into the air. Frosty’s head can use these crates as helpful rides to higher portions of the level. You may also need to use crates and other objects to push switches in order to create pathways for Frosty’s head and main body to be happily reunited. You have an unlimited number of lives but it is advised to try to avoid falling down into the abyss. If you get stuck, click on the Circular Arrow button in the top right corner of the play zone in order to restart the level (or ask a school friend or family member to help you to find a solution). Good luck!

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