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Arcade Shooting Game - Penguin vs Snowman

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In Penguin vs Snowman, you play as a laser gun-wielding penguin as he tries to defend his home from hordes of technological snowmen! Prevent the snowmen from reaching and destroying the penguin’s home by blasting them down and making use of one-time powerups to survive each attack and make it to the next level. The further you get the more difficult the game will become; ordinary snowmen will be replaced with armored snowmen, invisible sprinting snowmen and even snowmen using tanks and jetpacks! But you are not without options; use the coins you collect from blasting snowmen and completing levels to upgrade your health, attack damage or the blaster’s overheating threshold. Penguin vs Snowman is an exhilarating, challenging and enjoyable game, so why not try it out yourself!

How to Play: Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the main menu where the level map, outfit store and upgrade store are all located. Once in-game, click/tap on the screen to fire at the snowmen, using your cursor or touch to determine where the penguin will aim. Holding down when firing will release a steady stream of blaster bolts but remember the laser gun is prone to overheating, so don’t shot recklessly. The objective is to prevent the snowmen from reaching the penguin’s house; if too many make it through you will lose the level.

The most valuable upgrades to get first are definitely the damage and overheating upgrades; offense is more encouraged at first than defense.

Penguin vs Snowmen can be played on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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