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Most Super Mario Bros. fans agree that our fearless Italian plumber friend Mario’s greatest adventure was Nintendo's epic Super Mario 64 console game. However, behold an inspired online flash version that might just give the original title a run for its bucks! Super Mario 63 is a massively in-depth and incredibly-detailed platform adventure game where you have to guide Mario through various different worlds that are housed within the paintings of Princess Peach’s Castle. The Princess is being held prisoner by the cunning Bowser, and our hero Mario must earn as many Power Stars and Shine Sprites as he can in order to rescue her. These precious objects are gained by performing specific tasks and defeating bosses within each Painting World.

This addicting classic arcade-based game (with nostalgic 80s-style 2D graphics) requires all of the player attributes associated with the world-famous Mario franchise; good hand-eye coordination, quick reactions, nimble keyboard work, and sheer dogged determination are all extremely important characteristics here if you want to guide the mustachioed master to victory! The amazingly detailed production and countless mini-tasks in each level make for hours and hours of Mario-based entertainment – which sounds like just the treat to us! As the man himself would say; 'Mamma Mia – letsa go bash some bad guys!'

How to Play: Before you arrive at the Princess’s Castle, you first have to complete the Tutorial Level in order to get used to Mario’s movements and actions. Control Mario using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Up Arrow = Jump; Left & Right Arrows = Move/Run; Down Arrow = Slide. To get to higher ledges, Mario can perform double jumps, and triple jumps by pressing the Up Arrow repeatedly each time he lands.

You move through the Tutorial level by walking beyond the right hand side of the game screen at the end of each section. Some sections require you to read a noticeboard before you can progress (Press the Up Arrow when Mario is standing in front of a noticeboard in order to read it). As you progress through the Tutorial, Mario earns the use of the Hover F.L.U.D.D. (This works basically like a jet pack, and can be activated by pressing the Spacebar on your keyboard).

Once the Tutorial Level is complete, you arrive at the Princess’s Castle. Here, you have to explore the rooms of the Castle until you find a Painting. Stand in front of the Painting and press the Up Arrow in order to enter that ‘Painting World’. Once you are in the Painting World, you have to earn Power Stars and Shine Sprites by performing certain tasks. Power Stars are dotted around each level in hard-to-reach places, while Shine Sprites are only earned by performing specific tasks (e.g. defeating a boss or collecting 8 Red Coins). The more Stars and Sprites you earn, the more doors can be unlocked in the Main Castle (each time you win a Shine Sprite, you are transported back to the Castle’s front door). Keep earning Stars and Sprites, opening doors, and eventually you will come up against Bowser – the main boss. Can you defeat him and free the Princess? Enjoy the fun action!

Secret Tip: There is a way to play as Mario’s brother Luigi – see if you can figure out that little secret on the Main Menu Page!

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