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Western-themed Tower Defense Game - Long Way

Rating: 9.1/10 - 2309 votes

Long Way is a western-themed tower defense strategy game for kids & teens where you defend your prized cattle herd by placing towers in strategic locations within the game and not letting thieving gangs get anywhere near your ox-fence. Set in the Wild Wild West, this tower defense game involves completing quests, recruiting cowboys and buying various items - all to defend your precious bulls! It includes tons of enemies, upgrades, and challenging bosses.

This fun-filled action game can get darn hectic, as the nasty invaders approach in huge numbers, trying to get to your oblivious livestock. You need to protect them at all costs! Be prepared! This is an all-out-war that requires planning, cunning and ruthlessness! Get the picture, Cowboy? Well let’s get to work then!

Ok, this is the score: Bandits want to steal your bulls. Don’t let them reach your pasture. If you lose all of your bulls, the battle will be lost! Use cowboys to defend your pasture. You earn virtual money every time you take out a bandit. With this money you earn, you can hire more cowboys. You can then go on to upgrade your cowboys when you can afford it. In order to speed up the game, once you have eliminated all of the bandits, click on START with your computer mouse (in the bottom right corner of the game screen) and a new wave of bad bandits will arrive on the scene straight away - ready for a shooting spree! Be warned – each new wave is even more furious than the last! OK, Bandit Blaster, get shootin, darn it! YEE-HAW!

How To Play: Choose your playing mode (Easy, Normal or Hard). Choose which cowboys you want to use, and decide where you want to place them. All of the cowboys have different shooting capabilities (in terms of Damage, Speed and Radius). Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag the unlocked cowboys from the top right hand side of the game screen into the middle of the game play area. Now you have added your bull defense team. You can sell or upgrade your cowboys by clicking on them and choosing the sell/upgrade option beneath them. You can see your virtual money earned and number of bulls you have and the game mode your are on, in the top right corner of the screen. To make the wave of bandits move faster, click on the fast-forward icon in the bottom right corner. Have fun Quick Shot!

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