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Play Zoo Builder - Fun Business Simulation Game

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You may already have tried your hand at online games where you play the role of a restaurant manager, garage or farm owner, real estate developer, and more. Now, it's time to turn your attention to the running of one of the most eye-catching and enjoyable attractions for children and adults alike! Being in charge of a large organization or business enterprise brings with it great responsibility… But throw a bunch of exotic animals and very fussy customers into the mix, and you’ve got yourself an elephant-sized challenge! Zoo Builder is an awesome management simulation and construction game where you have to design, build, and supervise a busy city zoo. In this fun business strategy and customer service activity, your important job is to harness the zoo's potential, and turn it into a (virtual) profit making tourist attraction!

The position of Manager or Director can be very challenging in any environment – even in an online flash game. Here, you must build your zoo from the ground upward in each level, hit various financial and structural targets, and give your expectant customers the best experience in town. This highly interactive and addicting tycoon-style challenge requires strong good decision making skills, multi-tasking skills, quick reactions, and an ability to see the ‘Big Picture’ and adapt with a changing marketplace are all extremely important attributes for any would-be zoo manager. You really must be on top of any potential weak points in your business. For example, if the monkey enclosure is just too small, build an extension to house more customers. Both tycoon game newbies and experienced business whiz gamers alike can enjoy the exciting action here. Ok, it's time to quit the ‘monkeying around’, you’ve got a successful zoo to run! Happy management!

How to Play: In each of the 15 levels, you have to reach certain specific goals and business targets in order to progress; targets are different from level to level. For example, you might have to earn a certain amount of (virtual) income from customers, build a certain number of attractions, upgrade a set number of animal enclosures... You begin each level with an empty lot, and a small amount of virtual dollars (cashflow) to spend. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, left click on the available attraction of your choice at the bottom of the game screen, and then add it to your zoo by clicking on the available green spaces.

Once your zoo opens for business, customers stream in, and (hopefully) spend their money in the various stores and attractions that you have built. You can use this income to upgrade existing attractions, build new attractions, and even enlarge the space where your zoo can operate. Click on an already-created attraction to see whether it is available for upgrade. Your available cash-flow is displayed in the top right corner of the game screen (the figure next to the $ sign). Underneath this is the total amount of virtual income you have generated in that level. Once you have completed all of the tasks set out for you, you automatically progress to the next level.

Try to place yourself in your customers' shoes, and predict what they expect, would like and would love. Also try to exhibit an instinct for good business strategy at every opportunity (for example, why not position an ice cream stand on most corners? If it’s a hot day, your can be sure your customers will be crying out for some cool, tasty ice cream!).

You may speed up and slow it down the game play by clicking on the respective buttons in the top left corner of the game area. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the + and – buttons in the top left corner. See if you can complete all 15 challenges! Enjoy, and good luck with your exciting business venture!

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