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Fun Pacman-Like Game - Peter Pony and the Bad, Bad Jockeys

Rating: 6.6/10 - 378 votes

Peter Pony and the Bad, Bad Jockeys is a Pacman-type skill game with a fun farmyard twist! You play the role of Peter, the adorable little pony whose job is to collect the horseshoes that are dotted around the farmyard (the farmyard is shaped like a Pacman-style maze grid). Peter’s job would be oh so easy – if it wasn’t for the pesky jockeys that are out to get him! You must avoid these little guys at all costs, dodging and weaving around the grid. There are other treats to collect along the way, including Peter’s favorite foods, like corn and apples.

This fun animal game will really test your quick reactions, as you have to quickly change direction in order to avoid the nasty jockeys. Your strategic planning abilities will also be exercised, as you have to carefully plan the best route through each grid. Are you ready to put your quick fingers to the test and help Peter survive these jockey-filled mazes? Good, it’s time to pony-up, Partner!

How to Play: In each level, you have to navigate Peter through the grid, collecting all of the horseshoes on the screen. Control Peter using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. The controls are straight-forward, simply hit the Arrow Key in the direction you want Peter to move. Once all the horseshoes are collected, a red and white Exit Pole appears. Get Peter to the Exit Pole without hitting off the jockeys to progress. The prowling jockeys walk back and forth in certain sections of each maze. If Peter touches off one of them, he loses a life. You can see how many lives he has remaining in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Score points for each horseshoe collected. Occasionally, a treat such as an ear of corn or a piece of fruit appears on the grid. Collect these to get extra points. Once you lose all of your lives, it’s game over, and you can see if you’ve made the high score table. Note: There are some spelling errors in the ‘How to Play’ instructions on the game interface. However, this does not take away from the overall game play!

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