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Mario Bros Game for PC - Infinite Mario Bros

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Mario is back! The iconic Italian plumber and jumping game king has returned for another classic platform adventure! Infinite Mario Bros is a fast-paced, retro arcade game where you must guide Mario through a series of familiar, side-scrolling platform and ledge-based levels. Not for the first time, the nimble little legend needs your urgent assistance to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of his old nemesis Bowser! Help Mario through dozens of levels featuring scuttling enemies, mushroom power-ups, hard-to-reach platforms and more.

This is arcade gaming in its purest form; fans of old-school Mario games will not be disappointed! The gameplay is reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros titles. Super-good keyboard control is absolutely essential here – Mario is a tough little fellow but he can only withstand one or two unfavorable collisions with his enemies. There are numerous obstacles and hindrances for Mario to overcome in each level so smart timing and visual awareness are important required skills for success here. As the great man himself would say: “Letsaa go!”

How to Play: Once the game loads, press the S Key on your computer keyboard to enter the Level Select Screen. Here, move Mario with the Arrow Keys to the first available level icon, and press S to begin the action. In each left-to-right, side-scrolling level, your objective is to guide Mario safely to the Finish Line (Indicated by two large white neon poles). Use the Arrow Keys to control Mario's movement, and the S Key to jump.

Mario has three distinct ‘forms’; Little Mario, Big Mario, and Super Mario. You begin each level as Little Mario. Try to avoid any side-on contact with enemies. Leaping on top of them is the optimum way to defeat them. If you do collide side-on with an enemy as Little Mario, you lose a life. Collect Mushroom and Flower Power-ups to upgrade from Little Mario to Big Mario, and from Big Mario to Super Mario (dressed in white). If you make side-on impact with an enemy as Big Mario or Super Mario, you simply shrink to the smaller form. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen.

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