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Interactive Pet Care / Business Game - Animal Shelter

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Set in a very busy yet warm and friendly animal care facility, Animal Shelter is a fun, interactive pet care simulation game for girls and boys where you have to keep a whole host of cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, hamsters and turtles happy and healthy. If you do a good job taking care of these cute and cuddly little creatures, hopefully they will get adopted by new, loving owners. There’s nothing more rewarding for true animal lovers than seeing an adorable little pet find a new home – and now’s your chance to become part of that magical experience!

But let's not get all starry eyed just yet! You first must get to work keeping track of 4 different rooms full of yappy and excitable little pets that all require a lot of attention. They need food, water and medicine to ensure that they remain healthy and playful enough to attract prospective new owners. Your multi-tasking skills and quick reactions will be greatly tested in this animal welfare role playing extravaganza! You also have to exhibit shrewd business skills, and learn about good money management as you have to manage advertising budgets, and keep an important eye on the finances of the shelter. Perhaps one day, you would like to run your own animal shelter, veterinary facility or hospital. Ok Pet-Carer Extraordinaire, get ready to meet and care for your delightful new little friends!

How to Play: There are 4 different split-screen areas under your care – Dogs, Cats, Turtles, and Rabbits / Hamsters. In each area, there are 3 or 4 pets that you have to keep happy and healthy by feeding them, giving them medicine, and playing with their favorite toys. If you keep the Health, Food and Playfulness Status Bars of each animal above a certain level, new owners will come forward and adopt them. In addition, the green General Happiness Bars in the top left corner of each area will remain high. However, if you neglect your duties and allow the General Happiness Status Bar to turn red, your Shelter will unfortunately be closed down! However, if that happens, just as in life, you must learn from any mistakes, get back up and again, dust yourself down and start over.

The game controls follow a simple point-and-click action. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on any of the animals to see their three Status Bars. If the Health Bar is low, click on the + Icon to give that animal valuable medicine. If the Playfulness Bar is low, click on the Ball Icon to let them interact with their favorite toys. And if the Food Bar is low, click on the Food Icon to replenish their chow bowls. You have to quickly move from one animal to the other – they all need some kind of attention. If you run low on stock, click on the Store Icon in the bottom left corner of the game screen to purchase more food, medicine, and toys using the virtual cash flow at your disposal.

You can also advertise your animal shelter using these virtual funds. Click on the Advertisements Icon in the bottom left corner, and distribute flyers and other ads to help raise the profile of your shelter in the community so that more prospective new pet owners are attracted. If you keep up the good work, Charitable Donations are made to your shelter so that you can continue purchasing goods, caring for and advertising the pets. Complete the game by finding a home for each and every one of the little guys. Happy playing!

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