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Fun Demolition Strategy Game - Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage

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There are widespread reports of a multi-level pirate attack! We urgently require a skilled Demolition Expert to take down the pirate structures and knock these bad guys off of their perches with well-placed explosives and missiles! It's a really desperate situation! Can you please help us?

Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage is a fun, physics-based, building demolition and shooting puzzle game where your task is to eliminate all of the pirates in each level by destroying their defensive tower structures in order to disturb the pirate baddies progress, knock them over and eliminate them. Armed with explosives, large boulders, and incendiary missiles, you must carefully and methodically destroy the pirate stronghold, and hope that the tumbling pieces of the building take the pirates down at the same time!

Skills required: This challenging, tower destruction-based brain teaser game requires smart analytical thinking skills combined with creative engineering as you work to bring down the enemy structures with precision missiles and explosive charges. Good problem-solving and anticipation skills are also vital as you attempt to predict where the buildings will fall – and how to use gravity to your advantage. Trial and error is also really important as you shrewdly adjust your demolition strategy when a failed attempt leaves some bad guys still standing!

How to Play: A Flash-based, demolition puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, please ignore the android and iPhone buttons, and click on the ‘Play’ button in the bottom right corner of the play area to access the main menu screen. In each of the 30 increasingly-challenging levels, your task is to ‘eliminate’ all of the pirate baddies by knocking them off platforms or disturbing their footing, or landing debris on top of them. However, you only have a limited number of missiles and explosives in your armory in each level.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, aim with your cursor, and Left Click to launch your missile / explosive. Different launch-able items react differently with the pirate structures. A bomb missile will blow up anything in its path, a fire-missile burns through wooden beams, and boulders make large cracks in the structures. Keep an eye the bottom right corner of the play area to see which missiles are available to you in each level. If you run out of missiles, and there are still pirates standing safely, you fail that level. If stuck on a level, ask a family member or friend to add their logic and strategy skills to help solve that puzzle.

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