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Fast-paced Platform Game - Mr Runner

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Play a fast-paced, old-style platformer game of survival where you simply run, run, run! Mr Runner is a very tricky platform and momentum-based action game played against the clock. Here, you must guide the lightning-fast Mr Runner through a series of volcanic platform levels, building up momentum with high speed running and accurate leaps between ledges. Collect coins along the journey, and try to win a gold medal for speed.

Reasons to play this arcade game: If you're looking for a good, hard, stimulating test of your reactions, observation and anticipation skills, and high-speed decision making ability, you've landed in the right place! The super quick nature of Mr Runner means that one tiny slip can prove disastrous; meaning that you must exercise a high concentration level throughout.

Best strategy to win: A really cool head with excellent coordination and reaction skills are required if you want to go deep into this high-octane game. Trial and error also plays a big part as you attempt to learn from your mistakes, and get a clean run through each obstacle-filled challenge. Persist until you succeed!

How to Play: For notebook, laptop and PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Perhaps think of this Flash arcade game where running is the key element (rather than jumping). In each of the 22 progressively-difficult levels, your goal is to reach the Green Exit Arrow in the fastest time possible.

While there is no actual time limit for completing each level, you earn special medals for completing levels within specified ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ time limits displayed at the beginning of each level. All 22 levels are available from the beginning, but we recommend that you play them in their intended numerical order to get a gradual feel for the game's controls.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control Mr Runner's movements. Press Spacebar or the Up Arrow to jump. While moving, press the Down Arrow to slide under overhanging ledges. Perform ‘wall jumps’ by clinging onto the wall by holding down the Left or Right Arrow, and then pressing Up Arrow / Spacebar to scramble up the wall face. Each time you collect a white coin, a small amount of time is subtracted from your total (Indicated in the top right corner of the play area).

Each time Mr Runner comes into contact with a red-colored patch of lava, he disappears and re-spawns at your previous green checkpoint coin. You have an unlimited number of lives, but losing them obviously costs valuable time!

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