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Game for Creative Thinking - Libra

Rating: 7.4/10 - 50 votes

Calling math, engineering and physics game fans who enjoy thinking outside the box - both children and adults! Libra is a multi-level, equilibrium-based physics game and online creative thinking exercise where you must strike a balance on a classic, two-sided scale by adding an equal (or close to equal) weight of Tetris-style blocks on each side.

Featuring a whopping 48 levels, your analytical and lateral thinking skills are sternly tested as you attempt to balance the scales amid some quirky rules and stipulations (for example, complete horizontal rows of blocks on a scale get eliminated from the equation).

This demanding, interactive mathematical and creative thinking challenge requires logic, the ability to think creatively and use your imagination to solve the problems, prediction skills, and the key ability to learn from your mistakes (adding, removing, and re-positioning weights is commonplace).

Engineering enthusiasts and science game buffs should be in their element here, while this game could also be used by teachers as a helpful cognitive development activity and creative thinking reinforcement exercise for elementary school students, middle and high school aged children. Now, are you the one who will finally bring balance to proceedings?

How to Play: There are two distinct game modes: Normal and Easy. Normal Mode is recommended for most players by the game developers, while Easy Mode gives you a larger margin for error. In each of the 48 progressively-difficult levels, you must add all of the Tetris-style blocks to the scales. Your objective is to reach the minimum weight difference between the two sides of the scales once all blocks have been added (bearing in mind that the minimum difference could be zero).

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag one of the blocks into either the left or right ‘pan’ of the scales. Each of the blocks has a specific weight, as indicated along the top of the game screen. One square of a cardboard block weighs 1g (gram), one square of a wooden block weighs 2g, and one square of a metal block weighs 4g. So, for example, a block of 4 metal squares = a total weight of 16g. Keep adding blocks until you balance the scales to the minimum possible difference.

Important: Kind of like in classic Tetris, if you fill one of the ‘pans’ with blocks completely from left to right / horizontally, that row disappears from the game screen. This makes it easier to offset or eliminate the presence of a very heavy weight. Click on the Green Arrow in the bottom left corner of the play area to ‘undo’ your last move. Enjoy the intense brain work!

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