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Fun Puzzle Platform Game - Pursuit of Hat 2

Rating: 8.6/10 - 224 votes

Play a highly entertaining, clever and difficult platform puzzle adventure game! Pursuit of Hat 2 is an awesome problem-solving platformer challenge where you must simply pursue and capture (make contact with) an elusive hat in each level! However, you must contend with a vast array of quirky challenges, obstacles and hindrances along your determined pursuit.

These difficulties include steep ravines, appearing and disappearing bridges, sensitive door switches, and the hat's uncanny ability to scamper away from your elastic, lumbering little character! For good measure, your quirky "chaser" character has the ability to temporarily leave limbs / body parts behind it as tools! This can be useful when opening doors and creating bridges while the body of the character continues chasing that pesky hat!

This fun and eccentric arcade game should prove a smash hit with interactive puzzle & online brain-teaser aficionados, or any platform game enthusiasts who enjoy playing games that deliver an "outside of the box" experience. Successful player requirements here include strong analytical thinking skills, good concentration and strategic planning skills, creative engineering skills, dogged determination, plenty of stamina, and good keyboard control. Is that you?

How to Play: When the game loads, click on the colorful ‘Play’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to reach the Main Menu Screen. From here, click the black ‘Play’ text (placed between the two platform columns) to begin the action. In each level (25 in total), your objective is simply to catch the small, elusive purple hat.

However, this requires the completion of a range of different tasks, depending on the level. These include climbing up platforms, scaling ropes, opening doors, creating bridges, leaving limbs on switches, and more.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your elastic character. Left & Right Arrows = Move around; Up Arrow = Jump / Climb. Press Spacebar to remove one of your character's limbs / body parts when needed (Note that this is a light-hearted, cartoonish, playdough-style action). These limbs can be used as tools to help open door switches. Your character can then proceed in pursuit of the hat without its full complement of limbs. You can continue shedding limbs (2 arms & 2 legs) and then your character's main body part, until you are left with its head, which can roll around, but cannot jump. To re-attach one of the limbs, position your character over the limb, and press the Down arrow key.

The route to capturing the hat in later levels is to figure out the correct sequence of shedding & re-attaching your limbs / body parts, and where to place each one throughout the play area. In some levels, the hat is capable of moving away from your character. Here, you must find a way to stop it in its tracks. Once your character comes into contact with the hat, you progress to the next level. Happy hat pursuit!

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