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Interactive Puzzle Game Online - nanoTank

Rating: 8/10 - 263 votes

nanoTank is a challenging physics-based puzzle game where you have to maneuver a miniature tank through a number of different mazes and puzzles. In each level, you have to navigate your tank to an exit chute (pipe) on the opposite side of the game screen. This is not easy, as there are various different objects and obstacles that you have to overcome. Collect Stars and use your cannon to remove obstacles from your path, as well as propelling the little tank through the air.

The clock is ticking, so try and complete the levels as fast as you can to earn extra bonuses. The laws of physics and gravity are important in this tricky puzzle. For instance, you’ll need to propel the tank into the air using the action / reaction laws of physics. To vault over obstacles, you have to give the tank momentum in the direction you want to go by firing your cannon in the opposite direction.

This difficult problem-solving activity will really test and exercise your reactions as well as your quick-thinking skills. You’ll also need nifty fingers to succeed, as you have to control both the tank’s movements and the cannon at the same time. Ok Mini-tank Maestro – time to rock and roll! Good luck!

How to Play: There are 20 fiendishly difficult levels to negotiate. In each level, you must get the tank to the exit chute at the other end of the game screen. Although it is not essential, try to collect as many Stars as you can along the way. To move the tank, use your Left and Right Arrow keys. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys. In most of the levels, there are obstacles blocking your path to the chute. Some of these obstacles can be removed by firing your cannon at them.

Aim with the cursor of your computer mouse and Left Click to fire your cannon. You have an unlimited amount of ammo, so fire away! Sometimes, Stars and other objects have to be shot down from ledges and other places. Shoot the wall underneath the ledges to dislodge these objects. In some levels, there is an immovable object blocking the chute. You need a Key to remove it. Shoot at the Key to fire it at at the Blue Blockade or push the Key into the barrier by moving the tank.

In some levels, you need to propel the tank up and over obstacles. To do this, fire your cannon underneath where the tank is standing. This propels the cannon into the air in the opposite direction to where you are aiming. Use this technique to vault over obstacles and other objects.

Tip: For more advanced gamers, try to collect as many Bottle Caps as you can. Do this by completing the levels in super-fast times. The ‘Bottle Cap’ time to beat is shown in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Complete the level faster than that time to earn a Bottle Cap.

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