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Play Physics Puzzle Game - Inflate Us 2: Funny Land

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Are you ready to get pumped up for a mind-boggling, brain-teaser sequel that could have you leaping around the room with glee, or holding your head in frustration – depending on your level of success! Inflate Us 2: Funny Land is an innovative and highly interactive physics-based puzzle game for older kids and teens where you must use sharp observation skills, strategy, logic and good timing to collect the magical potion flask in each level, while eliminating any red-colored blocks and keeping blue and green blocks within the game zone.

In your important role as Chief Inflation Engineer, you must cleverly use the tools at your disposal, and strategically click on the various character shapes in order to change (inflate and deflate) their form, allow them to roll around, and start a physics-based chain reaction that results in the elusive flask of blue potion being collected. However, this is much easier said than done with the added hindrance of various obstacles, steep ravines, challenging terrain, tricky layouts, and other pesky items which attempt to halt you in your tracks!

This enjoyable online problem solving game should prove to be a hit with middle and high school age children who really enjoy an interactive activity that gets their brains working hard! Even highly experienced puzzle busing gamers could well find themselves tearing their hair out as they try to engineer a workable solution in later levels. A good appreciation of gravity is also needed as the game follows the laws of physics and gravity. Have you got the sheer determination (and patience) to battle your way through all 20 levels? It's time to knuckle down and pump it up!

How to Play: In each progressively challenging level, your objective is to ‘collect’ the flask of blue potion by making contact with it using any of the available shapes on the game screen. These green, blue, red and orange shapes are stationery (non-moving) at the beginning of each level. Essentially, any red-colored blocks must be eliminated from the level, blue and green blocks kept within the game zone, while the orange blocks can either disappear or not from the game screen.

You ‘inflate’ a shape by clicking on it using your computer mouse or touchpad. Green and (some) red shapes begin as rectangles, become oval when you click on them once, and become fully rounded when you click a 2nd time. Then, when needed, click on a sphere to return the green or red shape to its original rectangular form. Blue and (some) red shapes are triangular, and can be increased in size through clicking on them. Orange shapes are rectangular, and simply increase / decrease in height depending on how many times you click on them.

Once you click on / inflate a shape, gravity influences its movement, and you can begin to create a plan and solution where a shape will finally comes into contact with the flask (usually situated at distance from any of your clickable shapes). In later levels, you have to flip switches in order to change the direction of conveyor belts / open doors etc. The fewer clicks you use in each level, the more points you score once the level is complete. If you get stuck on a level, ask your friends or family members to work with you to find a solution. They may well see a solution that you might never think of! All try you hand at the original Inflate Us game on our site.

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