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Here’s your chance to become a modern-day Mary Poppins by taking care of a whole bunch of boisterous little kids! Kids Play Park is a fun child care management simulation game where you have to take over the running of a busy playground. You play the role of Lucy – a friendly child minder who has to assist kids by helping them enjoy their favorite playground activities such as swings, slides, and see-saws. Make sure to keep each young child happy, and score points for making sure each little youngster has a great day out!

This colorful RPG game combines fast reaction skills with business management as you have to reach a target number of points in each level by enhancing each child’s enjoyment. This certainly isn’t a walk in the park – you have an extremely responsible job taking care of these cute kids, and they don’t like to be kept waiting! If you don’t give theses kids what they want fast, there could very well be tears galore! As the game progresses, your important job becomes increasingly tricky as more and more kids arrive to play in this popular playground in the local park. You need quick reactions in later levels, as there is a whole bunch of energetic little guys that all want your attention! Have you got the cool head and management skills it takes to make your play area the most popular in town? It’s time to open the gates, and find out!

How to Play: There is a detailed tutorial at the beginning of the game. We recommend that you follow these steps to get used to the controls. Each timed level consists of a ‘Day’ in the playground. In each level, you have to reach a target number of points to progress. Earn points by successfully helping kids play on the different activities and attractions in the playground. When kids arrive into your playground area, they indicate which activity they want to play on with a picture bubble. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the child, then click on the activity that they want to enjoy. (Note: some of the attractions require you to help the child more than once to earn points. For example, a child has to be helped onto the Swing first, and then pushed.)

Each time a kid is helped to play on the activity they prefer, his/her Happiness Meter increases to the maximum, and you earn points toward your overall target. However, if you leave a child idle for too long, his/her Happiness Meter decreases slowly. If the child's Happiness Meter disappears altogether, it leaves the playground all upset in a huff! If you don’t reach your target number of points before the timer in the bottom right corner elapses, it’s game over. As you progress through each level, more attractions and activities are added to your playground, and an increasing number of kids arrive to play.

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