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Online Role Paying Game for Older Teenagers

Rating: 7.8/10 - 375 votes

Prince Of Persia is a role-playing maze game for older teens where you get to save the world from the most feared magic ever known - the deadly “Sands of Time”! It is packed with sword swinging action and adventure! You only have 8 minutes to navigate the dungeon to the Vizier’s throne room and stop him from unleashing this magic. If you can’t get through the maze of menacing corridors and reach Vizier’s throne in 8 intense minutes, it’s game over!

Background: The treacherous Vizier has overthrown the Sultan and seized control of this powerful magic. It is said that no army can withstand its corruptive powers. In eight short minutes, the Vizier’s bid for limitless power will be complete. Only one brave Prince has the power to stop him… and that Prince is You!

How To Play: In Neutral Mode: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move the Prince in all directions: (UP), (DOWN), (LEFT), (RIGHT). Use the “SHIFT” key to grab onto ledges and pick up items. Hold “SHIFT” while pressing the arrow keys to walk (one step at a time). Use the SPACEBAR for a standing forward Jump or else (UP+LEFT/RIGHT).

In Combat Mode: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Prince: (LEFT) One step to the left, (RIGHT) One step to the right, (UP) Prince guards against an attack, (DOWN) Prince puts his sword back in his scabbard. The “SHIFT” key makes the Prince strikes with his sword. Click on Reset at the bottom of the game screen to Start Again. You can see your game playing time at the bottom of the game screen.

When you are in Combat mode, use the “SHIFT” key to take your sword out. Use the “UP” key to guard against an attack. Anticipate when your opponent will strike. When he does, block, and follow up with a strike of your own. Every block will push you back a bit. Use the “DOWN” key to put the sword back in the scabbard – now you are back in back to Neutral mode. If you get hit in neutral mode, you will be eliminated. If you see a guard when you’re in Neutral mode, Run!

Use the “SHIFT” key to strike with your sword. Use this to attack a guard. Sometimes a guard will block your attack, and will follow up with a strike. If you don't block immediately, you may get injured. If you block, the attack will end there. You can also follow it up with a strike of your own. However, some guards will block your attack again and follow up with a strike. Now, this can go on forever, with you blocking and attacking and him doing so too. In this case, just use the (UP+SHIFT) keys together repeatedly to engage in a long sword fight – and hopefully you will get in a strike or two.

TIPS: Watch out for the spikes (your character will get impaled and it is not pretty) and trap doors! Walk slowly (one step at a time) when you are unsure of what’s coming up. If a guard strikes you in Neutral Mode, it's curtains! Good Luck!

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