Play free Santa Claus gift delivery games online, delivering Christmas presents game, no download: The Christmas Santa Slept In game, a hard Santa sleigh driving/ skill game & fun new Holiday Season activity for kids (young girls and boys, family), elementary school age kids to play now on PC.
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Santa Claus Delivery Game - The Christmas Santa Slept In

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It's Christmas Eve, but an overworked Santa in the last days has unfortunately slept through his alarm – and needs your help to avoid a potential disaster for all of the well-behaved, patiently waiting kids around the world! Guide Father Christmas' sleigh over the homes of the sleeping children, and expertly drop gifts down into the chimneys as Santa flies past!

The Christmas Santa Slept In is a fun and challenging, 1-level timing and accuracy skill game where you must maneuver Santa's sleigh through the air, and have one of his Elf helpers to precisely throw gifts (Christmas presents) into the chimneys of select houses below (Only the homes of patiently waiting and well-behaved little girls and boys are to receive gifts). Keep your flying reindeer safe, and prolong your hugely important journey for as long as you can by avoiding collisions with birds and other and hazardous obstacles!

Skills required: This tricky Holiday Season-themed, flying action game requires very good timing skills and tactful keyboard control as you attempt to drop the gifts down the chimneys at exactly the correct moment. Sharp multi-tasking skills and reflexes are also important as you try to dodge and weave around birds while positioning the sleigh perfectly above the chimneys of good boys and girls (The houses of naughty should can be skipped). Good concentration, patience and decision-making also come into play as you differentiate between gifts for boys and girls.

How to Play: A Flash-based, side-scrolling, endless-flying action game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the ‘Skip Ad’ option underneath the advertisement, and then click the ‘Play’ button underneath the next advert to begin. This is a 1-level challenge where your task is to get as many correct gifts (presents) as possible into the chimneys of well-behaved kids.

Santa's sleigh automatically accelerates from right to left across the side-scrolling play area. You must only drop gifts into the chimneys of the green (good) houses. Red houses belong to kids who are unfortunately on Santa's naughty list. Each green house will have a boy or girl icon displayed on the roof so you can select the correct gift to drop. Control the sleigh's movement through the air with the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press your Z Key to drop gifts for boys, and X Key to drop gifts for girls.

Each successful gift drop earns points toward your overall score in the top right corner of the play area. However, if you drop the wrong gift, or hit a roof, or drop a gift into a ‘naughty’ house, you are deducted points. Avoid contact with flying white birds! Each time a bird makes contact with the sleigh or reindeer, you lose one reindeer. When all 4 reindeer have been knocked out of the sky, it's game over. Keep trying to improve your top score with each flight! Can you score higher than your family members and best friends?

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